Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry Tampa, I'll need your Power

Sorry about this all you under the service of Tampa Electric Company but the deal for the computer fell through. Turns out Julie wanted money for the computer, I hoped she would take a check (that's a joke). No, she couldn't take it off of e-bay since there were already bids on it. So, even though I was buying the computer for $300, I threw in a bid of $400 to keep it safe and that worked until right before the bidding closed this bast.... consumer scooped it up for $450, so all in all I made Julie $150 more than she was counting on, hence, sadly I'm still on the Fisher Price computer.

If anyone knows of a deal out there were I can watch, listen, AND write, I'm all ears. In the mean time, buy stock in TECO, they're going to busy supplying the energy to run this old computer.


Star said...

You realize I was joking about Julie selling her computer. It was funny when you told me you were actually trying to buy it from her. Haven't learned from past experiences, eh? Heehee

I'll keep my eyes out for good deals. I can't afford a spike in our electric bill.

AndyMan said...

Julie, julie, julie, what am I gonna do with her? Well, when I see her in California, oh, that's right, she cancelled the trip to Western States to go camping (because evidently, that's the one weekend a year you are allowed to camp in California!) Never mind...

Anonymous said...

My wife, let's call her "Saralee", will be tracking my progress on my brand new computer that the fine folks at The North Face purchased for my from the money they made from last years WS100 kickbacks. Eat it Mathews!!!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

Dammit Dean, you stay away from my wife ... let's call her "Saralee."

- Scott Jurek