Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday I got a notice from UPS, they had tried and tried to drop off a package to no avail. They didn't get the memo, I'm back at work, after only two months off too!

Well, I filled out the little form saying just drop that sucker on the porch. I didn't know what the package was, the sender wasn't listed. I'd already received the I-Pod I purchased for Alison's birthday (and I've already given it to her, even though her B-day is on the 26th, heck she deserved it :) I already received my swanky Kayak lift system (haven't installed it yet, but I've received it.) What's in the big box? I do not know, it's far bigger than Ali's I-Pod as you can clearly see! The suspense was killing me!

Now I figured anything else was a summons or a bill, so I wasn't too concerned about it being left on the porch. 1- I'm glad they left it today. 2- I'm glad it wasn't swiped by some neighborhood scavenger.

What is it? It's my really cool DFL plaque from Western States. The RD said he was going to send the poem, but shoot man, that was back in July. I'd forgotten all about the thing. And here it came today as I wore my Western States shirt to school (the students aren't at school yet, so we can go casual till Friday). The RD didn't say the poem was going to come in a huge box and that it was going to be in a $200 frame. Cool!

Here it is, I like it!


superdave524 said...

Way cool.

Chase Squires said...

You should send them a "don't quit" bracelet for next year's DFL!

AndyMan said...

You should see the one they sent Dean. "Don't Quit.... until Forest Hills!"

Anonymous said...

Too soon!!!!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Well after all, you DID run the full WS 100 mile course. You deserve something for your effort!