Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a Tough Darn Race


It's just a tough mnother. If you aren't from the mountains, or if you don't have Lance's lungs and supplements, your chances are slim.

My bud Chase, he trained hard. He lives in Colorado. He waxed me. He made it 75 miles and he was d-o-n-e, Done!

Poor guy, he chugged like hell to get to the turn around and he made it with an hour to spare, not easy at Leadville. he made it over Hope Pass, not once but twice. But that climb, it will just do you in, and it done him in. Not right away, delayed onset and guts got him another 20 miles down the trail.

Chase, come run Ancient Oaks with me, then we'll head to Kettle Morainne. Let's get out of that thin air and off those mountains for a while, we need a little success my bud.


Chase Squires said...

Maybe KM ... we'll see.

And then there's the 24 hours at Boulder, in October ... I mean, at least you know how long it will take. Intersted?

Star said...

You two continue to amaze me. Just the fact that you have the cajones to even attempt races like Leadville and Western States and The Grand Slam makes me not only question your sanity, but gets my utmost respect.

My vote, of course, is for KM... 'cause you guys will finish that sucker so fast, you'll be able to come back out and pace me to the finishline :)

Chase Squires said...

Just signed up for the 24 Hours of Boulder ... Oct. 17-18, "Team Booze Monkey" ... someone come run with me!!!

The Professor said... ya got me thinking...that would be a nice warm up for the jj100 2 weeks later.

Chase Squires said...

that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Doc!

AndyMan said...

travel tough, wait, I'll be at disney, can't do Boulder, but I would have run 117 miles