Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vermont pix

Ok, a little late, but it's back (I finally parted with a couple of ducats and purchases a leedle netbook computer, I haven't figured it out yet, but I'll be trying!)

Ok, here's what we have:
My home in Vermont, Andy B's sign (I never wanted to see anything called the Barrett Patch, just brings up those mental images!)

Then David House's pacer (Darby or something, nice dude), Lindsey, he was Patrick's pacer.

P, Lindsay and A2 not seeing the beautiful flower as they trudge

A2 next what I can only assume is the Barrett Patch

Since June didn't see the signs on the left (and they were on the turn she missed) or the two others at that corner, sadly she never saw the sign on the right.

David looks as good as anyone at the finish ( that's saying something about the retarded nature of our sport the guy that looks the best is wrapped up on an army cot used by 4,000 sweaty dudes!) And I didn't want to leave out the trash can that Patrick puked in (oh, that's disgusting, it should read, the trash can into which Patrick puked. Yeah, that feels a lot better!)

A2 and Patrick at the finish, how sweet it is! A2 and Patrick love the horses that run the race along with the runners, here's A2 with Brownie and rider.

As promised (perhaps a little later :)


superdave524 said...

Good to have you back, Ange. Love the pics.

Chase Squires said...

Yeah, new pics, awesome!