Friday, March 19, 2010

Booking to Books!

Ok, I tried this once before, back when I had the Sony Walkman Cassette player (now that was fun, changing tapes as you run up a mountain!) and it didn't work very well, but nonetheless I'mtrying it again, running 100 miles to BOOKS! Booking to Books, I call it.

For Umstead the library let me borrow Joseph Ellis' smash hit book on CD, Founding Brothers, and Chuck Palahniuk's, Fight Club. I checked with the authors and they are fine with me putting them on my I-Tunes.

When I tried to listen to Caesar at Vermont in 2001 I had tape trailing miles behind me, this time my limitation will probably be battery life. I'd hate get 1/2 through the American Revolution and not find out who wins!


Star said...

If you want to snooze your way through 100-miles, then listen to Founding Brothers (Seriously, what were you thinking???). Otherwise, I'd go with Fight Club. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a good listen too.

But I have a feeling the Beckster will keep you entertained and you won't need either one.

Mr. Matt said...

(Psst the books are so I won't have to hear Woody snoring on the drive up!)