Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weekend of Running

Hey, beautiful weather, beautiful company!

Once again, I felt better at 30 Miles than at 10 Miles. Why? Well, two reasons:

1. We were running too fast at 10. From 18 on, I set my own pace, and I'm better judge of what my pace should be than other people are.

2. I know it's going to be a long day at mile 10, but I can see some progress and relax a bit towards the end.

What can I say, it just so happens that I know, Less is more!


Anonymous said...

Kind of wussie post isn't it? Why don't you ever write about how bad students are?

Professor Carl Clauberg

Star said...

1.I'm sure A2's head will swell with that first statement.

2. I'm sure you're talking about Sunday's run as opposed to Saturday's 10-mile jog.

Mr. Matt said...

Aint that funny, I wrote a post about how students "should" be trained, but I took it down, knowing that the Catholic church isn't known for its sense of humor.

Star, I don't think A2's ego is too big after Sunday. He's running well, but 13 days off would damper any our efforts.

As for the weekend, Saturday was all fun. Sunday didn't get as fun, not physically anyway till closer to the end. Hope it works the same way at Umstead in like 2 1/2 weeks!