Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dough, Rey, Not Me!


If you don't have it you're dirt.

Just call me Joe Dirt I guess.
Several years ago I said, I'd never steal for it. Said I'd never break the law for it. Said I wouldn't whore myself out for it (see Bob Dylan, if you have questions on that one). Now, you better hope a close relative doesn't think you're better off amongst the non-living, because I'm a mechanic looking for something to fix. I believe I'll join the rest of the world and enjoy the shallow end for a while.
Fake boobs, fast cars, good booze, eating half a meal and throwing the rest away; bring it on! FTW baby, FTW!


AndyMan said...
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Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about baby! You think my chips are good? They suck, and I don't even know what's in them! You think I did 1/2 the stuff in my books? It's all about the green my man, all about the green.

Welcome to the light!

-Dean Karnazes
ps, don't tell anyone, don't want to kill the goose. Also, those aren't even my real quads!

AndyMan said...

You couldn't be more right. Gene Hackman said it well in the under-rated movie, Heist. "Gold, it makes the world go round."

His partner, played by Delroy Lindo counters with, "Some people would say it's love."

Hackman retorts, "They're right too. Love of gold!"

Amen. You may not like it, but you'd better learn to love it.

superdave524 said...

Aw, come on, A-Man, that ain't you. I get pretty tired of being poor, too, but, well, go out and rent The Bicycle Thief, before you do anything too crazy.

Star said...

Hey Joe, don't get fake boobs. Sweaty sports bras suck!!!

AndyMan said...

SuperD, I'm already doing something crazy. Working for less every year. GIVING my time away. Forget that noise. What's it to me if some dude gets clipped, gypped or ripped? Jacked, cracked or she-lacked? Robbed, Mobbed, or corn-cobbed? Rooked, Crooked, or Booked? Fleeced, leased, or well, ok, I'm done.

As for the Boobs, Not for me, but for whomever. People think that way, and they are right to think that way. I dated this chick that was the top earning model in a large midwestern city. She was B-E-A-utiful. But, her agency (the Ford Agency) told her if she wanted to go to Europe for the summer tour she had to get a bigger rack. What did she do? She racked jack!

That was a fun rant!

Mr. Andrew Mathews said...

Ok, I'm better now. I get to run this weekend. I have the Ali cat for a few days. Things are looking way up! (still poor, but so what, Lot's of people are poor)

superdave524 said...

Excellent rant, though.