Friday, August 20, 2010


It's Friday, and that doesn't suck!

My brother SuperDave, when he was a kid, he loved Fridays and he hated Sundays. Why, he loved the last day of school for the week, knowing he didn't have to go for the next two, and he hated the day before he had to go back for the next 5.

Well, I love Fridays, love 'em all up, but I like Sunday's too. But Friday's really are the best.

You know what they say:
You can beat your wife.
You can beat your kids.
But, you can't beat Fridays!


superdave524 said...

I used to really hate school, Ange. Work's a little better, and I don't hate Sundays anymore (and I've always liked Sundaes!)

Anonymous said...

Mundane Monday
Twofer Tuesday
Whacky Wednesday
Thirsty Thursday
Freaky Friday
Stupendous Saturday
Silly Sunday

-Little Johnny
(with a di(k this big!)