Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weight, Weight, DON'T TELL ME!

I haven't said anything about it in a long time, my actual weight that is. Truth is I've been afraid to get on a scale. I HATE seeing anything higher than the 180's when I'm on the scale. I've mentioned that I am not happy about where I am, and I NEED to lose some Lbs. Butt, and this is really disturbing, the wish method is no longer working for me! I can't just lose weight by just wishing I weighed less.

Aint that a kick in the pants?
So, I've had to take some drastic measures:
1.No beer unless I've run at least 4 miles that day. (Shoot, I'm going to a Rays game tonight, and instead of running this morning, I met my bud Morejon at the gym! Gotta squeeze in a run before the game, I think there is free drinks!)

2. No sweets during the week.

3. Chicken wings no more than twice a month. (That'll be easy till football season, which starts like now. Yikes!)
I'm open for more suggestions, but this is going to be hard enough. I've already been doing most of this informally and it is working. The Beckster even paid me a sort of compliment as we were running, "Your love handles aren't as huge as there were." Er, thanks... And the scale has also been much kinder recently, I have maintained a 5 pound weight loss for two weeks now. Another 10 pounds, not even a pound a week, and I'll be at a good place for Pinhoti.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

You should just limit yourself to 3 drinks a day like your bro SuperDud...if you do that for a few months then your weight will drop down as low as Chase's credit score and then you will look good enough topless to give AyToo the bachelor party that he deserves.

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Geesh Karno! Why all the hating? Did the pizza delivery boy forget to slap you on the @$$ before he left?

Anonymous said...

See, now that's funny! I know funny and if you can't laugh at that you may as well just go on the the next big thing!

-Larry the Cable Guy

superdave524 said...

Three drinks MAX, Karno. See? That's how rumors get started!

superdave524 said...

(Oh, and I'm down to 205, thankyouverymuch).

Mr. Matt said...

Super D- I noticed your Las Vegas picture, you looked good! Way to darn go!

Anonymous said...

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