Friday, August 27, 2010

The Line on Pick Ups

From time to time you'll hear me mention my coach, well, my coach isn't a person, it's people. It's someone who gives me advice that sticks, that makes me go, "oh yeah!"

On Tuesday night's run my coach told me about a technique he passed on to an up and coming runner. This runner was trying to improve his speed and was having trouble maintaining a faster pace. So my coach told him to pick up the pace for varying distances, between 30 and 100 yards at a time, during the run. Not only does this train your body to run faster, but when you slow down you are likely to be running faster than you were when you were just chugging along.

Great advice. I used to do this all the time when I got bored during my runs. It really helped those long middle miles move along. I'd forgotten all about this until coach reminded me.

Thanks for the line on pick ups! Which is very different from pick up lines. My favorite of those is below (hey, we may have discovered why I'm still single!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, let me coach you on this, compare girls to boogers and you're going to end up slimy.

Er, you are already there!

-Dean Karnazes
aka coach

Anonymous said...

My only coach is the Man Upstairs. No, seriously, the dood who lives in the apartment above me gives some great advice.

-The Professor

superdave524 said...

Dood, Prof? Really? Ya know, many Americans spell it differently, Dued.