Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shake it Up!

I did something today that I haven't done in 9 years (No not that!). I signed up for a 5K.

Big Bro SuperDave asked me to run the Race for the Cure in Charleston on October 16, which just happens to be the day he's getting married. What could I say? I said, heck yes! Shoot, the last time I ran a 5K was the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day in 2001. I ran a 19:45 and I was not happy about it! I gave up 5 K's, because I didn't want to go over 20 minutes. Now, I'd be happy with a 24 minute 5K. But, my focus has drastically changed. I do what Bill Cosby told the fat kid to do in sandlot football. "What do I do, what do I do?" Bill says, "You go long! I'll fake it to you!"

Well, now at the price of speed I go long.

But, I've been doing some shorter, faster running lately (mostly so I can qualify for an afternoon or evening beer). It's a good thing to shake it up from time to time!


Anonymous said...

5K? Don't stretch yourself too much. Or should we call you Stretch AndrewStrong (or in your case, Stretch AndrewWeak!)

He shoots, he scores!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

I can quote the entire FBDO movie.

But what comes to mind is the Sausage King of Chicago, which leads me to the When Harry Met Sally quote about moving back to Chicago that I gave you driving home on Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Are you actually going to pay to run this race or is your buddy the race director going to let you and the rest of his friends in for free? It must feel weird, huh.

-Jim Hartnett

Mr. Matt said...

Ok, let's go point by point:
Dean- we can't all be Dean, but a lot of us can. This has a Prof feel to it.

Star- Love the HMS quote. Was thinking about it as I walked up to the Front Porch tonight. Might work for Bruno Kirby, but for me, I'm damn monogomous (at times :)

Jim, now now, I don't know this cat in Charleston. I had to pay with green money man. Besides, we don't let that many people into Croom for free, just a friend or 8 :)

superdave524 said...

Oh, we'll run. Yes, we will.