Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thanks a H of a Lot!

Thanks coach! You helped me put the H in PinHoti Trail 100!

Here's where it stands:
P I N H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

How in the H-E-double Hockey sticks did I get the H in there?

It may have been the hardest letter yet. Coach asked me a couple of weeks ago, "Aren't you going to give yourself a letter for losing 5 pounds?"

I wanted the reward, but I know me, I like my vices too much, wings, brew-doggies, all the nasty sweet crap on the faculty table at work, and knew those pounds could back with a couple of buddies if I wasn't careful. So, I held off on the letter, until this morning. Why this morning?

Well, first: the weight has stayed off for about 3 weeks. (it was nice several people of the female persuasion at work told me I looked much thinner :)

Second: Not once but thrice, I really wanted a brewski but hadn't yet ran my 4 miles, and under the new rules, I must run or no suds for the day. I begged my coach, "I went to the gym, does that count?" NO! "What if I walk the dog? Does that count?" NO! "Can I borrow on tomorrow's miles? I'm running 20 tomorrow? H NO! So, with the rules set I settled my three-time dilemma this way: Once I just drank water, the other two times, I got my lazy arse outside and zipped around my hood to qualify (my own version of a BQ, no not a Boston Qualifier, but a Beer Qualifier!). Those beers taste really good when you earn them.

Third: Well, general discipline. I've stayed away from all sweets, and snacking, and I've exercised in some form every day.
........... I bought these, but I gave them to Ali, I didn't eat them!....

I really need to keep it up, but what an "H" of a start! Thanks coach!


Anonymous said...

ah, cute, you got a little beer. It only looks big because it's only next to what I can assume you are spelling PinHEAD!

Here's one for you to spell:

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...
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Mr. Matt said...

Actually I'm spelling Pinhoti Trail 100. But nice guess.

And see, you already spelled yours out, but I guess you've earned each of those letters. Good Job Karno!

superdave524 said...

Fine looking brew, there.

Mr. Matt said...

Super D,
It was big brew. It was an ice cold brew, therefore it was fine.

But, it was Corona Light, the beer for people that don't really like beer (I think that's their slogan, but it should be: Corona Light, wer'e like making love in a canoe, F'ing close to water!)

dave said...

sounds like you have got the right attitude, keep at it!! it is worth it!