Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Trivial Live

Running 100 miles; Epic or Trivial?

Well, I don't know that, but I do know this...

My trivial prowess is slipping, no not my running, I'm having a perdy good stretch here. Starting with Umstead 2010, 21:12, then a finish at the very tough Pinhoti Trail 100. And of course the 22:21 and 9th place finish at the Rocky Muddy Slidey Roads 100 in Coto de Caza, CA.

My trivial trivia prowess is slipping. Jonny Docs, Davo and I used to be able to beat the whole bar by ourselves. We were 2-0. Well our last two efforts only produced silver efforts (silver is great for belt buckles and tableware, but it's no damn good in trivia or butt kicking contests!).

Anyway congrats to Jon, Davo, Morejon (by phone), Wendy (yeah, you're a Dahl!), Bradley (who knew China had the World's largest golf facility? Bradley did!), and me. It aint a victory but it's still $30 smackers to spend at Gators (on a Tuesday night, within the next 30 days...)

Anyway, it's back to the grindstone, the pursuit to master the trivia is of the utmost importance!


Anonymous said...

Here's some trivia for you: While you're drinking that demon alcohol and eating chicken wings, I'm drinking Dean's Vitamin Water and munching on Karno's Heathy Chips!

Won Badwater the South Pole Marathon lately? Well I have! Oh, sorry, you only do trivial.

Good luck with that pursuit! He shoots, and ..... it was never in doubt... he scores!

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

We got that from ma's side, A-Man. Gina used to say she had a magpie mind, collecting shiny pieces of useless stuff.