Monday, March 14, 2011

WTF? Really, Now?

You gotta be kidding me?
Since 1992 I've run more than 100 Marathons. Since 2001 I've run 16 100 mile races.
I've done 20 triathlons and a multitude of race between 5 and 30K. I've run at least 2000 miles every year since the year 2000.
Sure, now in 2011 for the first time I've got shin splints.
I'm taking the week off!


Star said...

Great! Instead of running this weekend, let's go for breakfast. Or dinner. Or drinks. Or any of the above!!!

Mr. Matt said...

Hey, you are on! I know you love IHOP!

Anonymous said...

That guy in the picture is no ultra runner. Look at his feet! Guy's probably a bowler.

-Roger Sutton

superdave524 said...

Problems with The Shins? That'll make you use some new slang, for sure!