Saturday, October 4, 2008

K Sarah? K!

Que Sera, Sera!

I aint kiddin'. I mean good luck to A2, good luck to Woody, and great luck to Scott Springman, but today is the last day of the Grandslam, and it ends in Arkansas.

Not to whack a dead horse, but, aint but about 15 people ever beat me at Arkansas... and I've run it twice! (a few of them beat me twice, but with an average finish of 10th, it's been good to me) I should be there, it was a mistake to cancel my trip. I know I told the Good Doctor that it was alright, I know I said I had found balance, yeah, well that was when things were going well. They haven't been going well, not at all. I've had a dark couple of weeks, very dark. It's got me feeling:

Hey Star, tell us about the SEC.
Hey Gator Fan, tell us how no fruit sucks like like the big orange.
Professor, send us some Urban Dickshunairy
Hey Chaser, who's playing at the sh*thole, er, I mean the Lair?
Hey SuperDave.... no I can actually talk to him.
Honesty, don't come round here with that.
Tell your story walking.
Oh God, you're not going to talk about feelings are you?
The truth will set you free..... of all of your friends and loved ones.
I need just a good week. I need a good month. Honesty may just be about the least attractive thing in the world. You ever notice when people tell the truth, they do it very quietly. To a person, people want the truth, people want openness, as long as you are saying something safe, and for God's sake do it quickly! Jack Nicholson was right, We can't handle the truth.


The Professor said...

How come Star gets to talk about the Securities and Exchange Commission and not the professor OF ECONOMICS...

Urban Dictionary term of the day - Orlando Sundae (you'll have to look it up yourself at because I don't want to get banned from this blog.

AndyMan said...

Thanks, Prof, I feel better now!

Star said...

Oh Gawd Prof. Where DO you come up with that stuff?

Come ride 60 with us tomorrow Aman...that'll sweat the fruitdog right outta you.

superdave524 said...

Looks like it's time to whip out the Chumbawumba. You're welcome.

AndyMan said...

Boy Howdy! Was I ever right about the truth. If you're thinking about telling it, smile and keep it to yourself.

How ya doin?
Fine, fine, anjou?