Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, lately, I been doing a lot of Racing

Smart Car races, they are all the rage at TC.
I like to Race Smartcars on my Smartboard.

I have many many tokens with which to race:
Turtle, Yellow Smart Car, Pink Smart Car, Rabbit, snail, racecar (oops, I spelled it backwards!), Carl Crawford, Indiana Jones, Tugboat, cheetah. Well, I guess that's about all the game pieces one needs. If you're ever over on North Rome Ave, I challenge you to a Smart Car race! I get the yellow one!


superdave524 said...

I saw a Smartcar as a police cruiser in Antwerp. Talk about culture differences: can you imagine a cop pulling over a drug lord in Detroit? The dude'd just have one of his homies kick the car over.

Chase Squires said...

Aman, I think you've lost it.

AndyMan said...

Never had it Chase, never had it.