Thursday, October 30, 2008

So What's it Gonna Be?

So, what should I become for Halloween?

We get to dress up, I'm stoked. Ok, I can't be a cross-dressing runner, that was last week.

I'd like to be something that involves muscles, since I already have the suit.

Your thoughts.


AndyMan said...
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Anonymous said...

It involes big muscles? Well, you could be me! Just send my agent a note, he'll set you up with the release forms, drop us a check for 12K and viola! You can be THE top runner in these United States :-)

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Yoikes, sorry Dean, Halloween is 3 hours earlier here than it is in San Fran, besides, they make me wear a shirt here, so no one would buy the whole, I'm Dean thing.

Good idea though.

superdave524 said...

Wear the muscle suit and be a 12 year old little league baseball player. Steroids? Who said anything about steroids?

AndyMan said...

Oh, I could be Barry Bonds, but for I don't want to cross ethnic boundaries, Ted Danson caught a rash of crap for that one.

The Professor said...

Dress up like Baby Kaley and not show up anywhere.
Too soon!!!!

Chase Squires said...

Dress up as PRESIDENT McCain ... that would be REALLY scary!

even better, President Karnazes! Man, kids would really have to bust their butts to earn the President's Physical Fitness Award then!

runsforbeer said...

In order to properly emulate Dean, you'd need to have your legs amputated above the knee so you'd be the same height.

AndyMan said...

It's settled, I went as ..... Daniel Sanabria. He's one of our students, he's buff, so I got to use the muscle suit.

Pix later