Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tale of the Scale:

I really don't know. But I wanted to post sompin'

Heard from Woody and Trudi today, and let me tell you I want to go to Arkansas. It's not even missing the race (well, ok it is) but it's I feel like I'm letting A2, Woody, and Scott, way down


My hearts as heavy as a bucket of hogs' livers over this one.

Any how, mostly the news is good and plenty.

We'll be writing about the biking exploits once I get them pedals. I'll write about the USF game on Thursday. I'll tell a few Sarah Palin jokes maybe a few remember when John McCain was young jokes (by the way did you hear in 1894 he narrowly avoided being person to be hit by a car!)

Anyway, it'll be a Slice!


runsforbeer said...

We'll be thinking of you in Arkansas. I leave tomorrow and certainly wish you were too. Remember: "Wherever we go in the mountains, or indeed in any of God's wild fields, we find more than we seek." --John Muir

superdave524 said...

Temporary set-back, A-Man. You got to get healthy, then you can get back at it.

AndyMan said...

Hey Alisa,
John Muir came in third at Arkansas last year. He's a hell of a guy, he's a Doctor, and he's tall. Check him out, he's running again this year!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...


Keep your head up and always remember what we used to say: you got spirit, heart, drive, determination (am I forgetting any?).

(... or maybe you're just a puss).


Star said...

Hey - are you going to the USF game tonight? We'll be there, though I'd rather be laughing my @$$ off watching the Sarah Palin farce!

Arlene said...

Listen to yer brudda A-Man....get healthy! You got lots more ultra-ing left in those dawgs!

Star...I got the best of both. I will miss the fresh air of RayJay, but I can split my TV screen and watch the game AND the Sarah and Joe showdown. And they say that I have no life?

Michelle Barton said...

We are going to rip it up at training camp. Bring the Taj!!

Hs + Ks, Michelle

AndyMan said...

Yeah, yeah! Heart spirit drive determination, those were the days.

Mishca, sadly the Taj is retired due to it was cheap. Perhaps there is a new Taj in our furture!