Sunday, October 26, 2008


I guess there's no escape from one's density, er, a make that destiny (couple of little letters in the wrong place that's what starts wars, "Hey didn't I see you going down on the dwarf? Er, a Wharf, I said Wharf.")

I reckon my bro, what a good guy, has roped me into doing this again, arg! But, I definitely encourage you to contact me, or my bro to set up a mock post. If you wanna host and you get away it, you win a beer, not a glass of wine, no starbucks, but a beer, and ask Chase, when I lose a bet I won't cheat you out of it (Chase, really, I owe you, I haven't cheated you yet!)
Get aways with it? Well, I'll run a poll, AndyMan or Sham. The public will vote, early and often and will guess if it's me, or a sham. If they think it's me and it's you, you win. If they think it's you and it's you, well, if I see you and I have the money and if there is beer, then... buy your own damn beer!
What will I talk about?
Well, I'm definitely in the slam with this injury, not running, the only thing worse that not running, may be running! I strive for the innocence that one of my cross country runners, Mike has. As the boys team is lining up for the start of the 5K race, Mike's dad was giving him last minute motivation, "We want a PR Mike, You can do it, a PR, come on Mike, Time for a PR!" Mike, who had not run well last week said, "Ok, dad." He then turned to his teammates, "Guys, what's a PR?"

Yoikes! Well, he ran much better than he did last week, but like the definition itself, the PR plum alluded him!

3 weeks from today I hope to be running again (don't freak Candi, it's just a target date, not an absolute.) Until then I've got plans to do a full post on texting, Ali went to Homecoming and I have pictures from that. We have districts in two weeks for Cross Country, I'll keep you posted and you guys can keep me entertained!


superdave524 said...

Welcome back, my brother.

AndyMan said...

Glad you care. Glad a few of you did, that's cool. Hope to get some help. Go Dawgs!

Chase Squires said...

Oy, life's hard.

Welcome back, see you at Christmas in Denver,

... Vote Obama.

The Professor said...

you also need to sign up for facebook so superdave an i can harass you there as well.

oh yeah...dean and i want to be guest bloggers too

superdave524 said...

It is definitely your Density that brought you here.

Star said...

No Andy, you're in the Blogger's Black Hole. You can never escape!

Hey Prof: are you REALLY 34 or did you lie for GFT? Nice race! Tell me, how'd you knock out 9:24 miles?

The Professor said...

Now Star, I know my ripped abs and huge bicepts make me look younger, but I am truely 34. As for the 9:24 miles, all I did was stay off the bike and out of the pool for the entire year.