Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Christamas Song Ever!

Ok, some of you scrooges don't even believe in Santa Clause, well, whatever, I think we all believe in Christmas Songs.

Here's one of my favs:How about you, got a favorite Christams song.

Send it to me. Now......... I'm going for a run!


Anonymous said...

I like that song about how strong and humble I am and about what a great and pius guy I am.

You know, Silent Knight, Holy Knight.

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

Mine's from Merry F#ckin' Christmas from South Park.

Chase Squires said...

Madonna, Santa Baby, who knew there was a slutty Christmas song?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like this song. Jill was at our last Christmas party and this is actual video footage of said party. Gawd I love my family!


The Professor

AndyMan said...

SuperD, two thumbs way up (or did I post that comment too?)

Chase, you get the feeling Madonna has a big area? she just seems like one of those girls (course it could be the Jose Canseco, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman conncetion that has me thinking that)

And Prof, I like that one, when you coming back to FLA bud?

The Professor said...

someone's been imposterinin' me!!!

superdave...how do i file charges for identity theft? better yet, nevermind...they can be me...as long as they take my student loans.

aman - ill be back on the 4th after the slugfest 50K...then i gotta get ready for rocky raccoon...

Anonymous said...

I'll take some of your students on loan!
Jonny Docs