Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Long Walk Back

No one to blame
that I'm so lame
I can't get into the game
I don't even know if it's a shame

Western States
Western States
Maybe Not

Ran today with me (I'd say with Davo, but that was for like 8 seconds)
Run was much better than last Wednesday but not good enough to make me want to do it again. What I need is a good run with Star or Maybe the good Doctor. Better than all of that would be a hike with that someone special. Now that would be fun. Bring a picnic lunch, ahh, I think I could do that. But that doesn't do crap to decide about Western States.

Wait, it's decided, I'm doing States. The indecision, it just stopped, did you see that? Well, of course you didn't, only I could physically see it. Ok, Croom alone tomorrow unless anyone wants to go.


Anonymous said...

Go Run AndyMan, perhaps one day you'll be as good a runner as me (and monkies also could fly out of my butt!)

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

You Dean, I'm about sick of your little comments, could it be that they match the size of your unit? Iknow you fancy yourself as a Greek God, but to some of us, you're just a GD Greek! Freaken guy's struggling to get back into it and you gotta all come on and give him crap. You know we can't all be rich, or goodlooking, or talented, and to think I stuck up for you and all the while you were just stuck up! People said, "Oh, that Dean, you'd have to pay him to be good." and what did I do, I stuck up for you, I said, "No way, that Dean, he's good for nothing!"

And now this.

Thanks buddy.

runsforbeer said...

You will always be number one in my heart and the first one I go to when I need all important oncourse support. I'm counting on you at LOST so get that cute butt back in shape. Money and good looks have nothing on character (at least that's what I'm counting on...)

Chase Squires said...

Dude, you'll never defeat your Deanons until you move out here to the Mountains ... The Rockies called, they want their AndyMan back.

See you soon?

Merry Christmas,


AndyMan said...

Chase and Alisa, you guys R-O-C-K Rock!

I really want to do the LOST crew thing, it's just that well, I have a new lady, and this one actually likes me. Not like that last nightmare, er, you need four legs (I only have 3 :) to get her attention (here's a hint, there's something wrong if like animals more than people, you are in the wrong kingdom.) And I know that chicks like Valentines Day.... I'll figure it out soon, real soon.

The Professor said...

who needs a crew for lost? i think im free that weekend...

superdave524 said...

Excuse me. Could someone tell me where I am?

Anonymous said...

"like animals more than people"...maybe it depends on who the people are...just sayin'