Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYED, Great Fun

We had great fun out at Croom today for the 10th annual NYED run.

Becky, Steve, Davo, Woody, Maureen, Dan, and I answered the call. Elaine and LunaLou were out there too, but you know the Luna Chicks, they were doing their own thing.

The run was fun for 13 miles, but the last three, well, they got to me. I am gonna work through it because already I see progress. My 12 milers have been hard, and this didn't get too hard till one mile longer than that, and I'm out of shape. Soon I'll be able to run Croom Mountain! Then on to Cali for a shot a Western States, woo who!



Chase Squires said...

Bah, who in Karnazes made up that Super Bowl pick? ... It's all about the Cats ... Go Panthers.

superdave524 said...

I was eating doughnuts yesterday.

AndyMan said...

I'm quite sure I don't know of whom you speak, you sent me that e-mail and asked me to post it.

SuperD, Doughnuts were fine yesterday (that was last year) this year, how about some Broccoli or maybe a nice orange? Me, I'm going for the egg-while burrito with low-fat cheese and some avacado, it's good!

Star said...

While you all were screwing around in the woods, some of us were working. OK, so I only worked 4 hours...