Monday, December 29, 2008

Chase and Andy, Outside Looking In!

When you look at and vote in my Super Bowl Poll you won't see AndyMan's Buccaroos in there. Nope the team that was once 9-3 and the #2 seed in the NFC lost their last 4 to finish 9-7 and out of the playoffs.

Chase's home squad the Denver Horsies had to put down after they blew a 3 game lead with 3 games to go and were ousted by the 8-8 Chargers. Yoikes. Chase's real team the Pats are in the poll, but I wouldn't vote for them because they didn't make the playoff's, but Bellichick is such a hot coach he still has a better chance of winning the Superbowl then the Fins, the Ravens, the Chargers, the Cardinals or the Vikes, none of whom made the poll. I mean the Pats finished 11-5 with me at quarterback. They were only the 2nd 11 win team to ever miss the playoffs.

So vote in the poll if you like, I'm voting for the Panthers, though the way the Bucs folded down the stretch (like a K-Mart lawnchair), that Monday night win isn't as impressive as I thought at the time, they've got a good mix of defense and effective running, this seems to help in the playoffs. Yes their quarterback is nothing special, but here's a list of nothing special quarterbacks that have won a Superbowl: Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Mark Ripen, Joe Bag of Doughnuts, Doug Williams.
And for the rest of us, better luck next year!


Anonymous said...

The Dolphins all the way! I'll drink to that..... and smoke, and order a pizza.... and smoke some more.

Ricky Williams

Anonymous said...

Santa will do it in just less than a year. And Eli's Coming on Feb 01, 2009, you best believe that!

Someone other than Tikki Barber

Anonymous said...

Hey, who you calling nothing special? I don't think you have a burrito named after you at Moes!

Go F*ck yourself!


Anonymous said...

Actually, God made me unique and I am special. Also, I'm a good golfer, I used to come in second to Al Del Greco and sometimes Rick Rhoden when they had those celebrity golf outings. It's just, well, I wasn't a very good quarterback.

Trent Dilfer

Anonymous said...

That's funny stuff AndyMan! You're a better blogger than I ever was a quarterback, I bet you can't wait to Rypen to me! (get it Rypen like Rip In? No, not getting it? Go F#ck Yourself A-Hole-Man!)

Mark Rypen

AndyMan said...

Ok, here we got folks voting all over the place but only these unidnetified posters.

Come on I told yall the Carolina Panthers were gonna take everybody down, who are yall voters, and posters, fess up.

Chase Squires said...

You forget, my "other" team is the Panthers, original season ticket holder. I'm still in this thing, Go Cats!

AndyMan said...

Chase, You can't claim everyteam! Just cause you had a cup of coffee in Carolina and saw Jim Harbaugh in the Mall once doesn't make you a Panthers fan! You can have the New England Patronizers and Denver (This is my town!) Bronc-uh-o's, but the Panthers? You can vote for them, but not claim them!

superdave524 said...

Correction: The Broncs were beaten by the 7-8 Chargers. The eighth win was at the Broncos expense.

AndyMan said...

Yeah the Bronc-oh-no's! Really Bucced it up there at the end of all things, did they not?

AndyMan said...

And how about my boy Chaser?

Let's see, I own a Steel Car so I'm a Steeler's fan. Of course I live in the home of the Bronco's and there is no reason not to believe that Bronco is not a Colt, yet, I hold an affinity for the Titans because I wear Tennies, see? Still one can't discount the Falcons, just to have another dog in the fight (ouch!) Of course, there is always the Giants as Plexico Burress and I have both shot on our own legs, oh, and the Fins, I once had a five dollar bill, which some call a fin, but I HATE the Ravens and the Chargers!

Anonymous said...

Hey how about our team, the cardinals, where do we play now?

Jim Hart and Terry Metcalf