Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Run Around

Hey, I haven't been around running, but at least I have been running around!

Saturday, wicked Vertigo.

Sunday, geez, bro's in town with three teenage boys. Kinda hard to negotiate the whole running thing. Plus I've just gotten lazy, used to sleeping in. But hey, at least my car made it up to Croom this weekend as Jon took advantage of my absence and took the Honda Fit joy riding. I did get to see my Fit briefly when it showed up, at Jon't direction, at Davo's Birthday party on Saturday night. I was lucky enough to catch a ride with a lady with a big heart, great looks, and apparently lousy eyesight. My friend, and excellent race director, Jim Hartnett says, "It's a good thing to overachieve in the Romance department." I know he did! And he's right. Hey, you know I'm about as average as they come, and this one, well, not like I'm overachieving too much, but she's the reason that cavemen chiseled on walls. And she's a great designated driver!

But today there was walking at the Mall, my favorite, I love the Mall (like a duck loves a June Bug that is, I see it and I want to destroy it. My great friend Steve Davis and I often used to talk about what store and department would go in first if we had 1/2 hour, a baseball bat and immunity. He was going for crystal and china, it was TV's all the way for me.) Regardless, mall walking is good exercise. Tomorrow will be even more exercise, I'm taking Ali-Cat to the most magical place on earth, well, EPCOT anyway. Last time I went to EPCOT, I'm pretty sure I was running the Disney Marathon, this won't be that much exercise, but it'll be enough.

so, it'll be at least Tuesday before I can run, then I have to make it part of my routine again, jeez, I don't want to lay an egg at Western States. Really want some type of a buckle, Sliver is probably out of reach, but hey, I've already got one of those anyway. Bronze could be cool.

Ok, you are updated. See yall later. Out


Chase Squires said...

Oy, don't remind me, Hawaii coming up fast ... can't say I'm in the best shape of my life, it's going to a long day (and a half) out there ... This time, suffering is likely.

Lynne said...

I'll be hiding in your suitcase.

Let's not tell Saralee.

superdave524 said...
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superdave524 said...

Hey Bro, thanks for the good time! You are a great host and hope the lads and I weren't too much trouble, well actually we're gone and there's nothing you can do about it now, so, trouble, schmouble, you may not like it, but you better learn to love it Nancy-boy!

AndyMan said...

Naw SuperD, it was good having you guys, and next time you come I'll have the Lucky Charms in advance, you won't even have to score any at the local Publix. Glad you go back safely

Star said...

Hopefully you'll be back on track (but not necessarily ON the track) after the first of the year. I can only manage so many loops around Flatwoods!