Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chase's Hell is My Christmas`

Ok, it's 80 degrees here today, not a snowball in sight.

Oh, it's a White Christmas for me though, I'm going to Sarasota (old people do NOT live in Sarasota, but their parents do!) so I'll see plenty of white (and a few shades of Blue) in the hair of the residents.

Ok, there's two reasons why it's Chase Hell

Now Reasons 3-6, I'm off to the movies (Chase HATES the movie theatre, and doesn't really like movies much, except Cloverfield, and that wasn't so much a movie as it was a silly joke played by a dude with a camera, I went and saw that one and the producer actually sent me a note that simply said, "Gotcha!"). Why is that 4 reasons? I'm buying the all day pass!

Here's the line-up:
11:10: Doubt- Meryl Streep as a nun that runs the catholic school system in New York, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a popular priest that Streep thinks may have Father Doyled (screwed) some young person. Chase went to Catholic school and the only boobs we are likely to see are the MOOBS of Hoffman, strikes one-two-and and emphatic-THREE, for Chase.
1:10- Frost/Nixon. Got great reviews, but as Chase was a small boy and there are not likely to be boobs in this, I can't imagine Chase'd like it.3:30- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Brad Pitt lives his life backwards, he starts as an old man and dies as a child. Doesn't intrigue me so much, but the timing is right and there is a chance of seeing boobs.
5:30- Either Bedtime Stories w/Adam Sandler or 4 Christmases with Vince Vaugh and that actress that killed somebody with her knife, that Reese...... come on you know her that Reese... Jeez, I can't believe that I can't think of it, it's Reese...... ...what is it...... No I already told you WITH A KNIFE! Get it, you were yelling at the computer Witherspoon (With Her Spoon) and I said up there she did it, with her knife (Make clever joke reason #7 for Chase's Christmas Hell!) With her knife, Gawd, but that's funny!

I know what you are thinking why am I quitting at 4 movies (I mean the pass is good for all day) well, from there I guess I cruise by Ali's house and do a little bit of Christmas. Ali's mom and step dad are great people, but I'll only be able to handle a little. Even though it used to be my house, I don't belong. I guess there's only place I belong this Christmas that's with Sean Penn, and Will Smith (oh Christ, there are two more I should have worked in! Well there's always New Years Eve.......)


The Professor said...

merry christmas a-man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

merry dean-mas a-man!!!!!

-Santa Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

Sweet Christ on a Cracker ... I'd rather claw my eyes out with a spoon than live through that day ....

... uh, but, like, Merry Christmas, and stuff, anyway.

And Cloverfield was a GREAT movie!

(But Vince Vaughn owes me 7 bucks for that insipid "Fred Claus" shit)

AndyMan said...

Got to be another post on this tomorrow, let's just say there are a lot of losers out there without families. The movies in a word, Crowded.