Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We've Got Each Other (aint that peachy?)

Ok, so this is cheating, it's from an e-mail to some friends that are "thinking" about coming over to the dark side and running a hunert-miler (you can take the boy out of Auburn, but you can't take Auburn out of the boy!) I am putting this in the blog because of something my brother said. He is a bit jealous of our "family" here. How we communicate and train together. He's lives in a town that's so small that they recently had the whole thing carpeted! I mean Dade City could kick the crap out of it in a war! (Ok, Free I-Tunes song for the first to come up with that movie)
Ok, here's the Reader's Digest Version of the story from today's e-mail to my friends, setting out on the journey to the Dark Side of Ultra Running:

Hey, for this training thing, at least you all have each other. When you go up, you will all have each other.

Man, when I did my first one, I didn't know if I was washing or hanging out! I knew nothing and no one! 50 Mile Training run? Alone (er, thanks Becky for meeting me for part of that back in 2001, but I had to do the night in the woods alone). What to put in a drop bag? Alone!

Travel to Vermont, where I never been? Alone! Sure, I know a lot of those people now, for instance, Dan and Woody, and Ron Balow and Barbara and Miles were all up there, but the only one I knew was Ron Balow (and no offense Ron), but he was as much a rookie as I was. I fly into New Hanover, NH figuring, "I'll catch a ride with one of the runners." I figured the race was a big deal, er, NO! There is only 100 - 300 in these races, no one knew about some 100 mile run. Fortunately I went up to a lady that had on trail running shoes and asked, are you doing the race? She was, I hitched a ride I got my buckle, but I was lucky!

Going Home Alone, that was another story: there wasn't a rental car available anywhere, Cabs don't come where we were, and it have been 50 bucks if they did. My friend that gave me a ride to the race had gone on, I was stuck, alone and they were kicking us out of our camping field a day early, OH SCHMIDTZ! What's a guy that can't walk because he's run 100 miles do? I hitchhiked into town, with my luggage, oh this was fun! I snagged a ride with some dude driving west to Michigan, whereas I needed to go East 1 hour to New Hampshire. The dude went out of his way, took me into town and dropped me off at a phone booth (remember those?) so I could call a cab. Well, he felt sorry for me and carted me back to the airport (even though my plane didn't leave until the next day). From there I got a room at the airport inn, thank Gawd (remember it's In New England) it was cheap. The next day my legs were so sore, still alone, I had to get a cab to take me across the street to the airport. But I made it! I reckon I was never alone, I had a lady with me the whole time.... Lady Luck! And my favorite deity was there too, thanks God!

Yall can use brains and each other, you don't have to be lucky, I envy you all!



GatorFan said...

The movie is "Arthur", one of my favorites.

"I thought I was doing great with you."

"Isn't fun, fun?"

Chase Squires said...

damn, and I thought I'd be first ... "bathing is a lonely business"

Andy Mathews said...

Give her $100 she came in second!
Percy's Wife: "My husband has a gun!"
"Yes, and for all I know he shot it off while you were screaming at me!" Arthur

Congratulations to Cincinnati's Steve Davis, he was first. Just let me know what song you want and I'll all it to my IPod right away (ok, I'll send you a copy too!)

GatorFan said...

Who listens to songs on the radio anymore? I'm a talk/sports radio junkie. You mean music still comes out of that thing?

GatorFan said...

Susan: A real woman could stop you from drinking.
Arthur: It'd have to be a real BIG woman.

Susan: Arthur, take my hand.
Arthur: But that would only leave you with one!

Arthur: I'm so rich, I wish I had a dime for every dime I had.

Hobson: Normally, someone would have to go to a bowling alley to meet someone of your stature.

Arthur Bach: I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.

Arthur: Hobson, do you know what the worst thing is about being me?
Hobson: I should imagine your breath.

Okay, I cheated and found these on-line.

Andy Mathews said...

Hey, man it's I-Tunes all the way when you're running! You can only listen to "So, the Bearcats just aren't the same since Huggins retired."

And, "So, the Reds just aren't the same since Anderson retired."

Andy, "So, the Bengals just aren't the same since Anderson retired."

Gotta have music when you train, got to!

GatorFan said...

You choose. So long as its not Celtic.

By the way. I AM running again. I told you that you were an inspiration and I meant it. Since I posted that, I've only missed 4 days (out of 37). I've also dropped about 15 pounds. That's probably an unhealthy rate but what the hell, I'm on a roll. Maybe I have another marathon in me after all. I'll start with a half, maybe later this fall.

Andy Mathews said...

Ah, music to my ears, you are running again! Better music than the folk or reggie I'm going to pick for your I-Tunes.

Can I assume that was your effin' A vote? You flatter me, gwarse I hope you are right, but I believe I'm in for a fight.

Rebekx said...

gatorfan is steve davis?
this contest is rigged...I rule sexual discrimination..

Andy Mathews said...

The contest isn't rigged, it's just that Steve and I have this cake jobs that allow us to blog on the clock! The county, well, they are a little more strict (or maybe they have just seen their employees at work :)

Any way it's not sexual discrimination. Strumpets like you have just, er... I mean, it's open to all!

GatorFan said...

Hey, SuperDave, isn't the "secret ballot" one of the rights in that constituition thingy? Can't reveal my vote. Just wouldn't be prudent.

Hey, Becky. I'm innocent. I'm way more into sexual harassment than sexual discrimination. It's a lot more fun.

And as for you Andyman. I wish it were only a matter of heart and there wouldn't be any question in my mind. Your biggest obstacle in my opinion will be injury because you have so little control over it.

BTW, are all the grand slam races in this country? I thought one of them was "Comrades" in South Africa. If traveling is an issue, I suppose I'd have to list that as a potential concern too.

As for the running, I made myself promise not to say anything for 30 days in case I wussed out early on. You know as well as anybody, that wouldn't be a first for me. But after 30 days, its starting to become a habit again and that feels good. Dropping the weight doesn't suck either.

Pray for me, brother and maybe we'll tow the line on another 26er one of these days in the next year or so. I really want to do Marine Corp. and that trail marathon in Indiana before I hang up my marathon shoes for good.

Keep up the good work, buddy. As for the blog, put me down with the group that enjoys the humor and irreverence as well as the serious side of what you're trying to do.

superdave524 said...

Sexual discrimination? Steve, back in the day, I don't remember you being particularly discriminating!

GatorFan said...


Ouch! I don't remember having too many options to be discriminating about.

Rebekx said...

where the heck is andy's blog today? techno or otherwise...?? must be that "cake" job keeping him away..