Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got a Whole New Plan

Ok, Here's the plan for the next long while:

Sun, Feb. 1: Bike to video store. Short Run.

Manday, Feb. 2: Selve Imporovemnt
Feb 2: Self-Imporovement
Feb 2: Self-Improofment
Feb 2: Self-Improofmint
Feb 2: Self-Improvmint
Feb 2: Self-Improblemless
Moonday, Fab 2: Sefl-Impowerfullment
Monday, Feb 2, Get Andie McDowell Drunk
Muffday, Feb 2, Revenge against my enimies
Monday, Feb 2: Self-Improvement and a short run
Tuesday, Feb 3: Short Run


Chase Squires said...

re: self improvement ... want me to make a list for you, you know, places you may want to start?

What? Hey, I'm here to help.

AndyMan said...

Check out what my boy Tyler Derden said about Self-Improvement:
Course I wonder is it works the other way around too, if so, I should be pretty much good to go!

Star said...

Feb 4th: Elf Yourself

Here's how:

(Hey, it is karma that Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" is playing right now? Weird...)

superdave524 said...

Elf impvoremitt?

AndyMan said...

Ok, see there was this movie called Groundhog Day (no Bill Murray fans out there huh? I knew that Chase didn't like his newer stuff, but this is old school) and in that movie he couldn't move on until he fixed himself, see, he couldn't (we can't) fix the world, but if he (we) can fix ourselves well the world is a better place for us.

Do I have to tell you everything?