Saturday, February 28, 2009

Casa de Squires V Remote Camping?

Ok, I know this, I am going on a long training weekend over Memorial Day.

I have two clear choices:

The Greg Soderlund sponsored, Pre-Western States, gimme-your-money, however if it rains, sleets, snows, or if there is small brush-fire within 3 thousand miles we will cancel after you get here, edition.

There is also training at Casa de Squires in Denver. Hmmmmm?

Western States- Temperature- mercy of the elements. Sleep in tent on leaking air-mattress

Casa de Squires- Climate controlled. Queen-size bed, indoors, at the end of the hall

Western States- 200 yards away at the middle school, must share with 100 sweaty campers

Casa de Squires- 3 steps down the hall, must share with two furry cats. Clean towels, hot water, ahh.

Western States- Slide shows on the positive effects of forest fires (besides making Greg rich) and speakers on "How to finish Western States."

Casa de Squires- Minutes from the Lion's Lair, I'm sure Rachel Pollard will be in town. Sox V Rays on HD-TV (I wonder if the Sox will still be in it over Memorial Day?)

Food and Beverage:
Western States- 4 buffet/elbow people out of the way meals included. . No Beer, Wine or liquor

Casa de Squires- Hey, it's Denver. Southwest no problem! Pizza, no problem! Denver Omelettes, no problem! Tofurky BBQ, yeah, that may be a problem! Beverage, it's Casa de Squires, NO PROBLEM!

Now, if I can just convince my BLF to go, hmmmmm


Chase Squires said...

Hey, you forgot to mention a 3 a.m. wakeup call and free ride to Wyoming for a day of suffering along an interstate highway in the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon! (but you can see the mountains, where there are nice trails, probably)

Rachel sends her luv!

superdave524 said...

Tofurky? Er, no thanks. That Chase place sounds pretty good. How come I never seen it advertized?

Chase Squires said...

consider it advertised, SD, come visit, Denver rocks, come for a music festival ... rock on, you're welcome at the Casa! If you've got some vacation time, and a slim wallet, and want somewhere to go, we're here when you need us ... summer in Denver is glorious.

Star said...

I'm sure the Squires can put up a stinky tent and make crummy pasta if you feel like you're missing out.

superdave524 said...

That sounds great, Chase. I definitely down with the bands (Don't expect me to run, though).

Star, mi casa es dirty, but mostly not too stinky. Mostly.