Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Great Day for Florida Runners!

I Ran 16 miles (it was closer to 17, but who's counting?) with Dr. Frank today.

It was good. Mild discomfort, no real pain in the foot until I was done, some ice some Advil and I am feeling good again. I think I can, I think I can, Ithinkicandoitagain!

It's a good thing too. I got Star cracking 11 hours at Rooty Raccoon as she calls it (honestly, it's in the woods, what do you want a paved downhill bike path with Fabio at all the water stops, cowgirl up Star!). And I got Becky and Woody racing 100 miles around Rocky in 27 hours. I have Judy completing her 1st 100 in under 28. Adam was just over that magical 24 hour mark (he'll get 'em next time!). June, rocked 100 miles well under the the 30 hour limit.

Hey, you guys are leaving me in the dust, wait up!!!


Chase Squires said...

Congrats to all!!

superdave524 said...

Go, FURs!

Anonymous said...

I think I ran the RR100 in like 16 Hours and I stopped to oil my quads for a photo shoot along the way. But, I'm me, and well you're you so, there's that.

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Dean, you really are too much. Hey, you gonna run the Croom 50 this year?

Anonymous said...

I hold the course record for the Croom 50. I did it by myself at night, and I ordered a pizza delivered to Bundy's Pit, you can read about it in my next book.

- Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Rocky (aka Rooty-Tooty) was great fun...wish you yahoo's could have been there too!

Anonymous said...

I ran the orange loop at Croom everyday for 50 days straight. So did Dan Miller, but I'm going to write a book about it first.

-Dean Karnazes

**This message was brought to you by The North Face**