Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Frighening Weight to Fighting Weight!

On Jan 6, I stepped on the scale at a scary 195 pounds. Only once in my life was I ever heavier when I topped (and bottomed, lots of bottom!) at 199 pounds. I was young and cute and had hair then, so I could get away with it. Even then, it prompted me to get out and get fit.

After years of ultra-running, I thought the 190's were a thing of the distant past, but BAM! One injury and a lot of chili-cheese-fries later, the 190's and I met again.

Thankfully, after a little self-control, and even less exercise, I'm back in the 180's (to stay for a while, at least until I get back to the 170's!). This morning I hopped up on the scale and recorded a my weight at 188.5. Cool beans. Getting back to fighting weight!


Chase Squires said...


Lynne said...

So you cut way down on the coffee ? And drinking more H20 ? :)

Anonymous said...

My butterbean is as big as...well, Butterbean.

-Dean Karnazes

**This message was brought to you by my healthy potato chip company**

AndyMan said...

I've cut down on the coffee a smidge and a drinking a bit more water.

Butterbean? ButterBeen!

superdave524 said...

Where'd you find that picture of me?

Lynne said...

Glad you are starting to adjust that caffeine habit - I'll have some spies watching over you !!!

AndyMan said...

SuperD, that is not a picture of you! Shoot you haven't looked like that since... hey, you've never looked like that!

Lynne, I'll never give up caffine, never I say. I've always said there are three things I'll never give up, beer, caffine and.... I can't remember the other one, but it's important to me!

Lynne said...

I did not say give it up ! Never !

But you can cut back, if you make an effort to do so.

Enough said.