Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Aftermath (and it's not Science!)

So, what's the aftermath? Not like, "Hey I have science after math!" Rather what are the after effects of doing an all-night 47 mile run when your previous long run is 21 miles?

Well, my aftermath is like English, it's sweet and easy! Let me tell you, I went to the beach with my BLF on Saturday, after a too short nap, and the combination of kicking back in the trusty sand chair and soaking the pegs and dogs (legs and feet) in the frosty gulf, well it was just right therapy in mi libro! I'll admit that I was lousy company on Saturday night (but Chase would say that's nothing new, beat you to it slugger!).

Sunday I was tired but my body was fine. I wanted to go for a run, but why tempt fate was my thought, so I relaxed.

Yesterday I did 4 quick miles, I felt really well, no pain.

This morning another quick 4 miles, again no pain.

What I discovered last year in my quest for the slam is that it's those everyday 4 - 10 milers that are really important for me. I could do the long runs but I either wasn't healthy enough for or was too lazy to do the work during the week. Well this year, I'm going to try whatever to get that work done! I don't want to lay an egg at States.

So, far the signs are favorable, I'll keep you posted.

oh, yeah, lost another 2 pounds, down to 182, can see the 170's from here, that a very good thing!


superdave524 said...

I'm holding steady at 228. I'm increasing the running, but, well, there's icecream.

AndyMan said...

Don't forget the chocolate sauce, oh, and whip cream, yeah whip cream (my scotch supply is dangerously low)

Anonymous said...

4 - 10 miles? That's my warm-up for my 47 Miler which is only a warm-up for my run, which gets me to the starting line of the race I run (and probably win!)

You are jealous and I am

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

There's no better recovery than a day at the beach. Maybe you get that now.

Very very happy for you Aman :)

AndyMan said...

See Dean, why can't you be sweet like Star? Thank you much, and Dean, well, I guess you are entitled to your opinion sport (see that, I called America's most self-important ultrarunner Sport, how cool is that?)

Chase Squires said...

Why not lay an egg? Eggs need to get laid too, ya know ...