Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jordan's Last Shot

To the right is a picture of Michael Jordan's last shot for the Chicago Bulls. Form looks good, he looks good, he was yet to come out of retirement for the second time. He was still a great player. He was yet to come back again as the average player he was when he left the game for the last time.

On Michael's second comeback from retirement, not everybody was cheering for him. Sure there were a lot of kids with 23 jerseys cheering for Michael. NBA General Manager's were cheering for him, and the Washington franchise, then Bullets now Wizards, was cheering for him. But let me assure the likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett who had inherited the title of "NBA's Best were not cheering for him!" And today's best players LeBron James and Chris Paul sure wouldn't be cheering for Michael if made that third comeback today.
That's why I love ultra-running over every other sport. If Michael had been a runner his competitors would have been asking for training tips, swapping stories, and generally hoping he did well. To a runner, I believe we'd all like to see Ann Trason out there dominating the trails again. We'd love to see Jurek running Western States again.

In ultra-running, unlike almost every other walk of life we cheer for each other, the new cheers for the old, the old cheers for the new, and we are a family. You look in the old ultra-runner's eyes and you know they have experienced things on the trail that the average person can't believe, and can't even comprehend. The experienced ultra runner looks in the eyes of the new ultrarunner and knows that runner is about to embark on a journey that will teach them what's in their soul.

Of course Michael Jordan has lost more money betting on golf than the entire ultra community has ever made running (and yes, that includes our spokesperson, Dean Karnazes) so that may play into it. Ann Trason and Scott Jurek aren't taking food off our table or H3's out of our driveway when they show up at Vermont or Leadville. Instead they are adding to our collective experience and knowledge and we are happy to have them at whatever speed!

Just to prove how ultrarunners are different when I just googled Ann Trason's pictures the very first picture to come up was a picture with her and my good friend Michelle Barton from SoCal. I just don't see Michael or Shaq standing around in shorts at a race posing with a new basket ball player and taking a few snap shots. Ultra Runners, we really are different, in a good way!
Two of my all-time favorite ultrarunners, Michelle and Ann, they Rock!


Anonymous said...

As your spokesman, I have nothing smart to say about your post. I liked it.

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Agreed. I love triathlon, and it challenged me in ways I'd never before been challenged. But most triathletes are too competitive, snooty and Type A for me.

Ultrarunning is a whole different world...the people are wonderful and accomodating (remember how you lent me your flaslight on my first Croom run?) and fun-loving.

I don't want to tell too many people about UR, because I'm afraid that part of UR would change with too many "other" endurance athletes.

superdave524 said...

Not much chance of UR becoming over crowded, Star; it's too hard. Type-A holes probably avoid it because they're probably scared to death that they'll have to train for a year, just to finish. Can't rub anyone's nose in it if everyone wants the best for you.

AndyMan said...

Star and SuperD you guys must be right since we even got Chase's, er I mean Dean's vote on this one!

Star said...

Superdave: If *I* can do UR, then pretty much *anyone* can! I am the royal wimp, remember. Anyway, I hope you're right.

I'm also glad I'm Type AB ...I have to push myself, but don't have to win to be proud.

AndyMan said...

Win when? I have never WON a race. I hosted a marathon one year and came, I don't remember, but I know Woody beat me!

Shoot, Ultrarunners. Chase could have finished Leadville this year, I just know he could have, but he stayed with me, something about some doctor saying, "Stay wid hem."

You ultra runners, you are a-ok in my book!

The Professor said...

i googled catra corbett and my computer blocked everything...that chick is hot.

Anonymous said...

Catra Corbett, nice quads!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

Damn airport metal detectors!

- Catra Corbett

Anonymous said...

You said a mouthfull there Catra!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

And and earfull, and a nosefull, and a naval full, and, well, I'll leave the rest for your imagination, hehe..


runsforbeer said...

Andy, I couldn't have said it better myself. Where else do you meet a fellow runner in April, and then spend weekends following each other around in 100 miles just weeks later! Can't wait for our adventure in the Keys this year. The Marine is back on board so the whole band will be back together -- Defending the Crown Reunion Tour '09.