Friday, March 6, 2009

In the High Sierras

Tonight, yep, I'm doing something I haven't done since my birthday in September. Hey, I'll say it. I'm staying out all night long!

A few buds and I, and I think you know what I'm talking about, we're meeting up, and we aren't coming home until the sun is up. And I'm bragging about it, I don't even care if my BLF finds out! You may think that's a pretty bold statement, but, not only am I self-trustworthy (I trust myself) but er, well, I'll be in Hernando County. And I'll be in the woods. And I'll be running. And it's all Frank Sierra's fault. This cat, he wants to run all night. I figure he must be related to Humphrey Bogart or something, because Hump did a movie called "High Sierra" and to run all night and leave the beautiful Theresa at home, well he must be high! (Course, there's also Frank Jr. and the younger ones, wait, maybe he's got something with this running all night thing!)
Seriously, I'm so looking forward to it. I figure if I can get through this all-nighter than it's another huge step on my long road back.


superdave524 said...

Party on Garth. Party on Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can have you're little "High Party" but can you get a pizza delivered to you in the middle of your run like I claim to have in my book?

Yeah, yeah, no, I didn't think so! Get some quads, write a book, and then get back to me, Mr. All Night Party Runner that I've never heard of.

-Dean Karnazes

The Professor said...

wish i could join yous guys, but i read about this thing called a taper that your 'posta do before a big race and wanted to try it out 'cause im so trendy like that. im heading up to kentucky this week to do the land between the lakes 50 miler.

Anonymous said...

Taper Schmaper!

I run all night just to inflate my quads on my WAY to a 50 Miler. I know a little something about sissies, and you Professor are one, still you have an open invitation to run all night with me, I'll bring all that (me) and a bag of chips (my healthy chips :)

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

I hope you all have fun getting dirty in the dark...wish I could be there. I'll soak up some of the rays you'll miss :)

AndyMan said...

Whoa, Prof, you gonna take that smack from Karno? Course he did offer you a bag of chips, which is nice.

Star, don't you want to run all night in Hernan"YeHaw"do County rather than sip Pina Coladas with Mom and Mando?

Terrytri20 said...

I'm glad to see you're gonna celebrate MY birthday and my new age group with an all-nighter!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Go for it...I'm claiming this year to be a better running year for both of us!!!!

Roger said...

running at night is good fun. enjoy the evening A-Man and other unidentified partygoers.

AndyMan said...

Hey Roger, I saw that race at the Ravines, and you beat that guy. You should be playing head to head against McCumber right now!

Terry, shoot, you finally entering the 40+ group with the rest of us (cept the Prof and Star, they aren't even legal yet!)? And my 09 will be much better, that's a promise hope yours is too!

Frank Sierra said...

Great run! that little all-night jaunt shows two things:
1- your foot did well... WS is On like Doney Kong
2- Hernando county residents are a bit diff'rnt than even the average hillbilly. I'm sure you are working on that story for the next blog entry.

The Professor said...

apparently youve seen my pics on

a guys gotta pay his bills, right?