Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Whatever

Hey, it's a nice day, the kids are having fun, isn't that what it's all about?

No, it isn't. How about this, "It's a nice day, the kids are having fun, and the kids are trying their best by practicing hard! Isn't that what it's all about?"

My patience are shot (like a dentist before he extracts a tooth), with the quick-fix, diet pill, get bigger with a steroid, Wikepedia, Spark Note, text message (ok, so I like the text message) McSociety in which we live in! Good God man you want to lose weight exercise! You want to be on my track and field team come out and practice hard with the team quit screwing around, I got other stuff I can do!

Hey, Mr. Enabler father, Drop and give me 20!

Ok, I feel better.


Anonymous said...

Hey, fun is what's important. Everyone is a winner and everyone deserves a trophy.


Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with you.

- Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

I'd give you twenty, but I only got twelve. You take a check?

AndyMan said...

SuperD, Check or one of those fancy burgers is fine.

Dean, are you agreeing with me or Society? I have to imagine it's me, because I know you didn't get those massive quads by skipping workouts and hiding behing the football scoreboard (I see you Mistretta!) 3/4 of the way around the track.

superdave524 said...

In my brief wrestling career, I used to take naps behind the mats.

The Professor said...

in andys long running career he has taken naps on peoples front vermont

AndyMan said...

Prof, those weren't naps, I was re-charging the batteries!

But here's the thing, the only breaks I took in training were to clean myself up (That was a good suggestion by the way! I'll have you know on the last night run, 0 accidents!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've been away for a while, I was organizing my running awards (it takes me a lot longer than it take you all, even you Sutton.)

But like I was saying, it's your post that I agree with AndyMan, not Society. Because if Society is right than you're not Jealous and I'm not..

-Dean Karnazes

Lynne said...

Prof, at least the naps weren't inside their houses.

And he probably had clothes on (I think)

AndyMan said...

Roger, you're gonna take that crap from Karno? I bet he's never shot par or rolled a 3C, even if his quads are massive (which they are.)

And Lynne, I really did need clothes in Vermont, I was cloaked in Mud, Sweat, and tears (weren't they a 70's band?) from 70 miles of Green Mtns! Not to mention the ordor was keeping everyone at far distance!