Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Not Getting Older, I'm Getting

Oh, wait, I am getting older! But, I hope I'm getting smarter.

On Saturday I was running the Guana River 50K on a HOT and humid Bug infested day (no offense Bill, you put on a great race!) and after about 10 miles my foot started hurting a bit.

By 12 miles I had to back off of my already non-blistering pace due to the foot issue. By 14 miles I knew a DNF was a possibility.

When I reached the end of loop 2 at 16 miles I quickly gobbled 4 Advil and putzed around the aid station hoping the Advil would kick in. After about 10 minutes I decided I'd get back out on the trail and finish up the race. I HATE TO DNF! Only once in my life (to this point) had I voluntarily quit a race, and on that day, it was the wrong decision, that has driven me ever since.

When I got back on the trail the pain was clearly not going away, so it was time for action. I really want to pace Dr. Frank for 50 Miles at Umstead on Saturday/Sunday, finishing this 50K was not going to help me with that goal, to continue may take me out of the picture for that goal. So, I sucked it up, and walked back to the start finish and gathered my gear for the long ride home, made longer with the DNF sticking in my craw.

I did the right thing, my brain knew it, even as my emotions were hurting. I HATE to DNF, but I really hated being injured, and I'm glad I listened to the warning signs and dropped when I did.
I called my BLF on my ride home, I she said the perfect thing, "It's really ok what you did." I know being smart is almost always better than being tough, but smart has never been my thing, I guess if I plan on continuing to get older, I'd better accept that I'm going to have to get smarter. Oh joy.
Update: Today, my foot is ok. I could do a trail run, but I'm going to be smart and run in the pool this week and ice and tape daily. I've been neglecting that maintenance since it's been feeling so much better. Got to be smartz!


Anonymous said...

So, Andy'wo'Man, what hospital did you end up in? The only time I ever DNF'd I woke up in the hospital, and when they let me out, I ate a bag of healthy chips (mine) and ran back to Badwater and finished the course.

You're a wuss, and I'm ...

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Professor, er I mean Dean, I'm telling you I struggled with the decision, and if I made the big bucks like you and could afford orthodics and cortizone i would have finished. Sadly, I'm but a poor teacher and this is my only little body, and I have to make it last (at least through next weekend!)

Chase Squires said...

Sometimes, DNF = Did Nothing Foolish ...

You'd better be in tiptop shape for the Wyo. Double! Nothing says good times like running in the heat on a service road alongside the interstate!

Anonymous said...

I still love you, Andy

- Catra

AndyMan said...

Thanks Chase, and don't you worry, I'll be RTR, Ready to Run for Wyoming!

And Catra, miss you! Getting out the metal detector, gonna find you!

Star said...

Let's change your perspective: Guana wasn't a RACE, it was a TRAINING RUN, right? It's not really a DNF if you bail out of a training run.

PS: You did the RIGHT thing...maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Anonymous said...

I got a tatoo to memorialize your Guana River attempt. I had a little room left between my left boob implant scar and my right arm track marks.


AndyMan said...

Catra lay off of yourself, I really like you. You're a cool chick, I'm going to post a picture soon!

And Star, the DNF, it aint logical for it to hurt, but it does. Of course it's better to quit that put yourself in danger, but while I can preach it, living it is a hard pill to swaller!

Anonymous said...

Hey AndyMan, here's something that isn't hard to swallow, my healthy chips! Buy some today so you can be more jealous and I can be more rich!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

BTW, try my newest flavor of healthy chips, they taste like my sweat!

- Dean Karnazes

Frank Sierra said...

AM-- If you can muster up a shuffle then you will still be havin to turn around to see if I am still with ya at Umstead!!!

Did the right thing...gotta look further than this weekend...This summer you got some business to attend to. One f*(% up...errr...error in judgement may have you sidelined for months again!