Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Local Role Model Can't Quit

Local Role Model, Can't Quit (Darn it all!)
Hey, I'm no Chris Wedge, and I darn sure aint Dave Harper. I'm no Dean, I'm no Chase, or Jim Sullivan; those cats are all over the newspaper. But, I did get a little PR the other day.

My school's Alumni newsletter (yeah, I don't know the name of the publication, but I'm going with the Crusader) wrote a little piece on my recent run in Arkansas. So, for the let's see 100 X 30 years = 3,000 people who graduated from Tampa Catholic, wait... Alumni in good standing which the alumni affairs office can locate (1486), , err, a, Alumni in good standing that actually read the Crusader (614). So for you 86 people spread about the globe, that read the Crusader and don't just look at pictures and search for your own name, that's me on the bottom right of page 3!

And how has this acclaim changed my life? Well, I was going to skip cross country practice yesterday. I was so tired I was making 3 tracks. I was just going out to my car to but some junk away then I was shooting across the street to tell my runners to jog 4 miles and I'd see them tomorrow. The best laid plans..... The principal stops me, shows me the article in the alumni mag, gushes over me, I feel guilty, can't bag out of practice, run the 4 miles with them (plus one more, now it seems I'm a stinking role model). Oh, well, I'm definitely bagging out today (shoot, we have a meet today, can't bag out, whoa is me..... I must have the hardest job in the world!)

Bank Guard in Alaska, the second hardest job, "Heck, everybody's wearing ski masks" Dennis Miller, 1987 (back when he was funny!)


superdave524 said...

I gots to get me one of them tammy faye baker ski masks!

Andy Mathews said...

Awe, Tammy Faye, she's no longer with us.

Barbara S said...
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