Monday, October 15, 2007


Don't go to your mailbox! Anything good you can read on e-mail. Yes, you might have a nice birthday check in there, thank you Sister Teresa and Sister Alice, but more likely you won't. You'll be faced with ...... An acceptance letter into Western States, Yikes!

As a two-time loser, I got to bypass the lottery and they sent me a note, it says I'm in, that means the slam becomes a reality. I gotta start classes at HFUU right away! Angie, where are you, what do I do!

(BTW, just because there is a new post up doesn't not excuse you from submitting names for the HFUU mascot!)


Roger Sutton said...

Noticed your training log in the corner. Impressive. Stop whining about the AT1000 recovery and get the F back to work on this WS thing.

Andy Mathews said...

Yessir Professor! I am now enrolled in HFUU School. If I pass, the Slam is Grad School. I am running today, swear!

The Puerto Rican said...

Way to go Andy(I think??), time to start gettin' you some book larnin' from HFU University.

Arlene said...

At least it wasn't Ed McMahon telling that "you could be a winner". We know that you are!

And good luck at HFUU! Do they have a football team that's #2? ;)

Ed didn't send me anything either, but the BAA did. Guess that I better put the Bag Balm in a clear bag to get it through the airport.

And Candi, if you're reading this, you will be proud of me...I already have my hotel room!

Chow; got to go back to watching my beloved Sox drop another...

Just me said...

Arlene -

That's like 6 months early! :-)