Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frank and Andy, Athletes of the Week

We all did dandy at Croom yesterday. And I loved running in the rain (course now I have two songs I can't get out of my head (the first is only because of the phrase and thought, getting caught in the rain):

The second song well, I just love the rain so much and running in it here you are:

Now, I don't like the rain enough to leave my sun-roof open while it's raining (Becky, it's not called a rain roof!), but if it's raining I'm running.

Yesterday, I overslept, me! For a run! me! Yes, it says something about me that running 35 miles in the woods is the highlight of my week (the additional slumber meant I was only able to run 30 and not the planned 35 miles.) No, not everything it says is good. Yes, I understand this. No, I am not planning on fixing it for 200 more days. But, darn now you can count on 1-finger the number of times I've overslept for a Saturday run. Anyway, because of this, I am not eligible for the Athlete of the week award. But the following two athletes stand out as the intheslam Athletes of the week:

Dr. Frank Sierra, pictured below before we cheered him up (he was feeling down in the mouth! hehe):

And Andy Barrett. No picture available.

These two cats completed the 35 miles in the rain. There were a passal of us there, everyone else bagged out between miles 20 - 30. I'm especially proud of Frank, because I promised I'd run with him, and getting there late, I was all discombobulated, and ran really fast for 30 miles thinking I could tack on 5 at the end, but I was still running late to pick up Ali... Anyway, Frank ran all 35 virtually alone, but that will help him. He'll be tough, he'll finish any event he puts his mind to, he, and Andy, are the InTheSlam, Athlete's of the Week!

The Postscript: Turns out our InTheSlam Athlete of the Week, Dr. Frank Sierra wasn't done with Croom after running 35-Miles. Yeah, he locked his keys in the car, oh, call triple A, no problem, I'll just use my cell phone, which is right here in the .... Woody! Dan! anyone, someone. It's a good thing Dan and Woody like to have a little beerflavoredwater after they run and were there for Dr. Frank! I'm sure AAA is reall quick getting to Croom Forest, on a Saturday, in the rain! Hey, at least you won the AOW! from me! That's something!


Dr. Maguse said...

Is the layout of your page messed up, or is it just my laptop?

Chase Squires said...

You mean all those words eclipsing A-man's rear end? I know, must be the layout.

Andy, nice run, nonetheless. I'm taking Elmore Leonard on a run with me today, soon's as I rid myself of this hangover. What the hell did I do last night? Ouch.

AndyMan said...

You gotta be more specific. I don't know what you are seeing. On my screen I have almost all of the U-Tube showing and the video's work fine, but they look a little blurry until you fire them up, then they are aces.

Chaser, if you're gonna run and listen, Elmore Leonard is a good choice. Also, James Lee Burke is a good one with which to run. I guess I messed up in trying Ceasar, little too deep for the mountains of Vermont.

superdave524 said...

Rubert Holmes' master, er, piece. Seriously, though, if I responded to that ad and saw my significant other sittin' there I don't think my inclination would be to see the irony in the situation, know waddi mean?

Dr. Maguse said...

I think you/we did something to the layout of your blog when you/we uploaded that first youtube video...
Chase answered my question.

Star said...

Nice run my friend. It was kinda fun playing in the rain...I wasn't necessarily *singing* in it, but it was fun. I too had a fab run, and I didn't even oversleep :)

AndyMan said...

See, Star, that's why I need therapy. You didn't oversleep and I still got there 1/2 hour before yee. But I'm glad you guys had a good run.

and Come SuperD, you gotta be kidding me, you wouldn't just think that was the funniest thing seeing your gal responding to the ad? Course,I'm thinking that the attorney in you might just claim you hired a P.I. and you were there with divorce papers. Hey, that could be a way to drum up business, but I guess now that your at the P.D.s office you don't really need to drum up business.