Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Need 9,000 Words out of You!


4. Neg Cog
4.1 No Pets
4.2 Please pick pony poopies

9. #9 removed due to obscene content (it was a picture of Woody and Scott :)

Match the quote with the picture. No better yet. Make up your own caption and put it in the comments.
Yeah. The only captions I'll offer are for pictures 4.1 and 4.2 (they were on the same sign):
What is this Narnia? We aren't allowed to have pets, yet you tell us to clean up after our horses! What are these "Free" horses? If they are then they can clean up after themselves!
Hay (is for horses) signmaker, Drop and give me 20!
Have fun!


Chase Squires said...

I'm jealous, reduced to urban long runs this winter ... I'll think of y'all this summer when it's cool here in the mtns.

For number two, reminds me of that movie, "The Ugly, The Ugly, and The Ugly" ... .

And what the hell are Coggins? Do they come in positive?

professoracg said...

The Coggins test checks for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) antibodies in the horse's blood. Ya case yer ever on Jeapordy and Alex needs to know...

Arlene said...

#2 is "Ultra Detergent...for the whitest of whites!"

#8 is "Pebbles and Bum Bum"

Anonymous said...

#7 Damn these gravity boots work well.

#9 I liked #1 so much, I cloned it.

professoracg said...

#2 - What has one thumb and poor taste in hats?

AndyMan said...

What has one thumb and poor taste in hats?

I don't know but he's crawling up your legs! Yikes!

AndyMan said...

#3: Does speed matter? Or is it always one and two days? I'm just asking!

#4:Ok, I get it Mr. Coggins, the answer is No. Now how about you Drop and give me 20?

#5: Now that's a narrow par 5! Let's see, hit it long and straight, then hit it long and straight, then hit it long and straight.......

Star said...

1. "What the hell, Andy? We're supposed to be RUNNING...put that &%#$ camera away!"
2. "We're not as think as you drunk we are."
6. Oh, what a feeling/ When were dancing on the ceiling/The room is hot...thats good/Some of my friends came/By from the neighborhood/People were starting/To climb the walls/Ooh, it looks like everybody/Is having a ball

superdave524 said...

Star, for a rocker, you seem awfully familiar with Lionel Ritchie.

Star said...

Come on now Dave, I'm just very adept at using the internet...

AndyMan said...

Star (er, Nicole, Rithie that is! Zing, he shoots, he scores :)

#1- Hey, I had been done for 45 minutes, I was already into my cups! I went back out to find my boys, and one girl.

#2- I have no response to that. When you're hot you're hot.

#6- See Comment for #2.

Anonymous said...

#8: The Beauty and the Other Beauty