Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wasatch is ON!

Well, I was chosen in the Lottery for the Wasatch Front 100.

It's happening, even if I should fail at one of the others I am entered into Wasatch. Let's see, there is me, Dean and Michelle. Ok, we know that I will do no better than 3rd, I can live with that.

This race is going to be harder than Chinese Arithmatic, check out the elevation profile and look at the picture and then pray for me! Elevation:

Hey, Snooper Bowl party to go to, later days!


PS, way to go Chase! Rocky Raccoon finisher! 26 hours flat.


Arlene said...


AndyMan said...

And the Pats went!

Lynne said...

Wowww . . 76 miles by foot last week . . and how many by car ??

Chase Squires said...

Actually, 25:45! (but thanks for rounding down when you thought it was more!) ... way to go getting in "straight up," no way you won't end up with a winnah here! Ran a bit with Dirty Girl, she was at the Rocky, running a little too fast for me at the start so I let her go, but by the end, I think she had fallen back a bit, that course is deceptive. We talked about your (and her) decision to tackle the GS ... both of you are nuts.

I'll be hoping to see you at Leadville, maybe a pace near the end when you've had the speed beaten out of you, or a crew as need be. If you want, c'mon out in July and run the Leadville 50k with me, it covers much of the same ground ... actually, if I don't get us lost, you can come out and run that 31-mile loop with me any time for free ... refueling available at the halfway point.

AndyMan said...

Yessir, on all of that! I did think that you told me 26 + something, I tried to err on the side of less not more time. But great job! Darn, but I do want another shot at Rocky. Here's my dream slam:
Rocky, Umstead, Kettle, and someting easy!

Aces, I'll see you Memorial Day w/e and we'll either do the Miles Camp, or Camp Squires. Doubt I'll be up for a 50K in the middle of the slam though.

And Lynne, I'd say 288 by car.

Chase Squires said...

What? A 50k mid slam, are you a man or a mouse?? or a moose ... or whatever.