Friday, February 1, 2008

Song of the Week #2

Faster Horses (The Cowboy and the Poet), by Tom T. Hall

Two events led me to choose this song (regardless of the fact that I love Tom T. Hall, and this is one my favorites) #1: My man Davo (slightly older than me and he with hernia and all) just dragging me around Carollwood the other day, chatting away as I hung on for dear life. #2: Me, at 46, running my track team of 16 year-olds into the ground the night after running a rapid 9 with Davo.

It made me feel like, "Hey, we aint dead yet! Perhaps, we can still teach these whipersnappers a thing or three." I'd like to think we can also compete with them, but really, if I do my job correctly, which I mean to, I can't compete with them, but I hope I can motivate them.

Anyway, back to the song. In the song this fancy dude meets a cowboy, and thinks he's gonna humor the old cat. Asks him the secrets of life.

Grizzled Cowboy says, "Son it's faster horses younger women older whiskey more money."
Fancy Dude says, "I aint into all that, gimme the spiritual side."
Cowboy, "You are a liar."
Fancy Pants, "Don't like to pick on my elders, but Ahmo pop you!"
Cowman, "Drop and give me 20! (as he slides a knife by Fancy's ear)"
Fancy, "So, Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money. I can buy that!"
All I'm saying is, old cats know a few things, we can still do a few things, so look out for us!


superdave524 said...

Tom T. Hall rules!

AndyMan said...

Yes he does. Clayton Delaney, another personal favorite. Dave, you still have that Tom T. Hall Box set I gave you a few years ago? I'd sure like a copy if you do, all my Tom T. Hall was lost in the War of Land o Lakes (I came in second, ouch!)

superdave524 said...

That's a big "can-do" mi hermano.

Lynne said...

No holding a grudge over LOL, now ! Sounds like you do not fare well in battle(s). Peace be with you always!

AndyMan said...

It's not the Land nor the Lakes, but the war. After going 0 for a lifetime, I've given up war. A little piece of peace, that's what I'm for!