Monday, August 11, 2008

And That's not on Top of the Mountain!

Yeah, it's gets to be 37 degrees in Florida. In the Mall! Why do they do that? Let me see, the last time I ran in that weather..... Hmmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmm, oh, I don't know, but I'm looking forward to it!
Here's your Leadville weekend forecast:

FriAug 15
Isolated T-Storms

SatAug 16
Isolated T-Storms

SunAug 17
Partly Cloudy

Yeah, ok, I'll have to bring jackets, gloves, hats, but I am NOT wearing the tights! I am not a dancer! You will not be able to take one look at me and know my religion.

I wore tights for a race once, only once. I was in good shape, I had been competing in triathlons, I proudly went to a 10K wearing my tights, I even got a compliment from a local hottie. When I got to my buddy's house, his mom was visiting, Steve was wearing tights too. His mom, an old-school soul from Tennessee, said, to us, "What in the hell are you wearing?"

Steve responded, "What mama? A pretty girl even said we looked good in our tights.

Steve's mom didn't miss a beat, "Son, that girl lied to yall."

Nope, haven't worn them since, aint gonna neither! Don't care if we are likely to get snow flurries in the mountains.

................ I don't think so Scooter!..................


Chase Squires said...

Hey, I'm bringing tights. I like my tights.

more than that, I like not being cold.

One word, Aman ... "shrinkage!"

Anonymous said...

Chase, I'm thinkin' after THAT many miles, shrinkage would not be your first concern...

superdave524 said...

Not a lot of circumsizers become waiters. Too difficult to learn to love, "keep the tip".