Monday, August 11, 2008

My Neighbor Moved, and I miss...

My neighbor, Tom, moved, and I dearly miss his Internet connection!

Man, I had it sweet for the last year or more, free high speed wireless, with a clear connection from right next door. Now, shhhh-ot! No unsecured wireless in sight.

My choices:
1) Only blog at check e-mail at work (economical until I get canned for doing it!)
2) The public library. Good for an hour a day, but they close early and they don't like it if you work on the computer in your underoos!
3) Bite the bullet and PAY for Internet. Ouch!

What you think?


Star said...

What do I think? I think you're good at filching off other people!

BTW: was that June's number that I gave you?

Anonymous said...

You could buy a "sniffer," it's a device that tells you when there's a wi-fi signal around.

then you can just sniff around till you find another unsecured connection (hint: outside the Days Inn)

- Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Star, I can't just put June's number up on the net! I'll text you :)

As for filching (good word, is it real?) off of people, why thank you, but I don't know my neighbors well enough to kype their waves. And Dean, as for snifters, those work for Brandy, but will they really work for wireless Internet. And do I have to have anything special once I get close to Wifi? I have plenty of secured connections around, but no passwords, see what i mean?

superdave524 said...

Well, here's your answer.

Arlene said...

Bite it and pay for Internet. Then you can download coupons and save more money on stuff. It pays for itself.

Afterall, you can't count on your underoos being clean all of the time!

Chase Squires said...

Nothing pays for itself.


AndyMan said...

Chase, nothing pays for itself? How about the St. Pete Times? More than 20,000 in coupons and now only 50 cents everyday!

How about my Masters degree in Education? If I teach until I'm 163 then BAM! I'll be in the money!!!