Friday, August 8, 2008

The Leadswell Trail 100

Ok, so I checked the Leadville 100 website today, and finally they had the list of 2008 entrants posted. Now I know what took them so long.

They have 561 entrants! This is an out and back course. It's gonna be a track meet!

Course, from the 40% finish rate, I guess it won't be as bad on the way back.

Also I noticed that of the 1000 (X .561) entrants only 4 of us morons are from Florida. Most runners are from states that end in an olorado.

On the plus side, I checked the weather, an absolutely worthless endeavor 8 days before the race, and the prognosis is..... perfect conditions! Low of 40 degrees and high of 70. Maybe, just maybe.... nah, it'll get hot, maybe not Vermont hot, but Africa hot anyway!


superdave524 said...

Give 'em a flippah. Shoot, crowds like that remind me of Tampa Bay Center. No malls in the Boro, though.

Chase Squires said...

Crowds? You don't know the half of it, for those of us in the backadapack, coming down from Hope Pass to Winfield, running against the stream of returning runners, on an 18-inch switchback path carved into scree ... yeah, it's a joy.