Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday's Brunch

Well, we certainly had a good time!
Thank you Star. Thank you Armando!
Top Drawer, Top Drawer, you guys are.

It was fun hearing about each of the adventures out there on the course. Seems we all had highs and lows. But we hung in there as long as the medical dudes let us, which was till the bittersweet end in almost every case.

During the party I gave my rookie attempt at a "mock cast" trying to copy Chase Squires most excellent Podcast of the Bighorn 100 in 2006, available here:

There is also a nice slide show through this link

Well my effort had no professional editing team, but if any of you have Power Point and would like a copy of this slow moving (like me!) 30 minute presentation, I'd be more than happy to send it to you.

In the meantime, here are some brunch pictures :-)

Roger Scolds Vicki's Dog, Polly

Our Star Hostess

Whatcha Grabbin' E?

Jill lives! And Armando lurks!

Vicki, A2 and son examine
The floor, while June says,
Seen it!

It's me, watching me, watching me!


Chase Squires said...

I'd love a copy, email me!

superdave524 said...

Sounds like a had time was good by all.

Just me said...

Always a good time at the Risi household!

AndyMan said...

I'll bring you a copy to LeadbellyVille.

SuperD, it was a hoot.

Just me, that's awfully gracious of you to say, particullarly in light of the whole "E Grabbed Me" incident! (what that's what the picture looked like to me :)

Star said...

Yeah! Finally a half-way decent pic of me. I'm not doing the Thriller dance or a yoga pose or covered in dirt (or a trash bag!).

The guac was great...May I have your home-made recipe Andy? The salad was superb and the mimosas went down way to easy.

You are welcome at Armandrea's house anytime. We love having people over. I guess the next party will be to celebrate A-man's SLAM finish!

AndyMan said...

Might even have to have a burger at the post Slam party, ah, heck let's make it a month long and we'll call it Slamtoberfest!

superdave524 said...

Party! Party! Party! 'Course, I'd look like an apple in a room full of carrots.

Star said...

If you eat a burger and puke at my house, you'll be in trouble with Armando: Its his job to clean up cat puke, and therefore it'd be his responsibilty to clean up SLAM puke.

SD: You'd BETTER bring your apples down for the celebration! (Hey what is it with you Matthews and apple analogies anyway???)

Lynne said...

Did someone say apple pie ?

AndyMan said...

And Apple Pie, yum yum!!