Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey, You.... Thanks

I'm not the sentimental type (more just mental :), but thanks.

So many people cheered. So many people prayed. You guys were great. Some of you I don't even know, but you were great too.

I wanted this to end at Arkansas, but sadly, I didn't make that far (this time!)

You'd think I'd be discouraged, but really I'm not. I draw out of this all the positive beautiful things (and I don't have to go to Wasactch!)

To name a few:
As I was going up Hope Pass, obvious to everyone, including me, that I wasn't going to make the time cut-off, nameless people clasping my shoulder or patting my back in a show of understanding and solidarity. "I feel your pain my brother, I've been there, it sucks, but you are going for it. Soldier on!" I can't tell you what that meant to me, but it was a lot.

One gentleman who obviously reads my blog, "Oh no, Andy, I'm so sorry." I'd never met him, but he's been following me and cheering for me.

I met a beautiful lady and her husband from Salt Lake City, and her remarkable crew at breakfast in Twin Lakes on Sunday. We were both too fresh and not sore enough, we knew we a two DNF's at the same place. She was also one of the 18 who had the Grand Slam snatched at Leadville. We talked, she has also been keeping tabs on the blog.

And of course the fabulous Florida Ultra Runners. You guys..... you rock. Advice, money, supplies, but mostly love and support.

I lost the Slam, but I gained..... I gained, if I ever have to pay it back, well, I hope yall take checks :-)

(tomorrow pictures, I swear, gotta draw this out someway, don't I?)


superdave524 said...

I'll take your check if you'll take mine...

As to on-going coverage of the slam? I don't know why you can't report on the last ones standing for this year. Report on the courses. You know, like a reporter. You're still fun to read, and you aren't just guessing what the experience's about. And, of course, get ready for next year (but take a coupla months off first).

Star said...

I told you this before...although I believe that I *could* (and in a sense do) make it through these crazy sports on my own power, having my family and friends *believing* in me has made it more possible and definitely more enjoyable.

I can only pass on that positivity to others because I know its power.

Roger said...

Another year in the slam: 386 Days to Freedom

The good news is that you can finally do that gym work you promised us the last time around.

The bad news. Obviously, its that you have to submit yourself to the agony of attending a race with the initials WS, run by that pompous A-hole, Sorry, I meant to say SOB, Mr. Soderlund. He has a new jet on order and needs your entry fee again...

Arlene said...

Hey...your birthday is coming up! Run a mile for each year and have one helluva good time after the run! At least you won't have to watch what you eat or drink because you have to tough out 100 miles later that week.

Works for me!

Aren't you glad that I thought of this?

The Professor said...

Sweet!!!! A pre-Arkansas Andy b-day training run...count me in!!!

runsforbeer said...

Discretion is the better part of valor. Your efforts were amazing given the condition of your foot and the conditions on the course. I was proud to be there supporting you and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! DNFs are certainly not fun to add to the resume (take it from me, I know..) but they are incredible motivation to be stronger the next time around. You are my hero! (Do you want the rental car receipt? I only banged up the front end before I returned it...)

AndyMan said...

Hey guys, I could do a whole post, and probably will, on my incredible crew, woulda been pacer. This woman is amazing, and as the Good Doctor pointed out, not bad lookin' either. Class all the way, thank you Alisa, you Rock in the USA!

Chase Squires said...

And she has great taste in music.

AndyMan said...

Sorry man, they got me working at school and no-one has yet to provide me with free home internet. soon, very soon!


runsforbeer said...

You guys are really too kind, but, thanks! I spent 30 miles on Friday night wondering if I was having a stroke because of olfactory hallucinations. I couldn't stop smelling Starbucks. Then I remembered that my headlamp was covered in Andy's destroyed drink from Leadville. Do you think Dan Craig avoids using "Daniel" because of the St. Elsewhere reference?