Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cold Hands, Warm Cart

Isn't there a saying, "Cold Hands, Warm Cart?" I never really understood that, but I guess it means, if it gets too cold outside get in the darn car and crank up the heat.

Well, the weather service says, "It's going to be cold out there campers." Oh joy.

Ok, let's recap:
1. I'm from Florida
2. There are Zero Mountains in all of Florida
3. The high point in Florida is 41 feet below sea level
4. The record low in Florida on August 16 is 86 degrees.

Now, Let's look at the Leadville Trail 100:
1. It's in Colorado
2. It has mountains so rugged they are called the Rockies
3. The low point in Colorado is 41 feet above Ski Level, no one know the high point.
4. Whilst August is the 12th snowiest month in Colorado, it snowed last night on the LT100 course, it's supposed to snow tonight on the LT100 course, it's supposed to snow tomorrow night on the LT100 course, the low on the race course on Saturday will be around -10 Centigrade.

Er, I'm not in trouble... not yet, I'm in Chase's office working on his computer, shoot, I've got hours more of relative comfort before I go to Leadville. Oh higher being, oh power animal, oh great goddess of the handwarmer be with me!

Tell me it aint so, tell me I got it wrong, tell me it isn't "Cold Hands, Warm Cart!"


Chase Squires said...

Man, what a sissy ... Mukluk up!

Star said...

Maybe you should have asked for mittens and toe warmers instead of margarita Shot Bloks. If I were you I'd start working on carbo-loading...kinda like a bear before hibernation.

But seriously Chase, your state is becoming less and less desirable as a place to relocate. Snow in AUGUST???!?!

Chase Squires said...

Yeah, and we get Hurricanes, too! Don't move here!! :-)

AndyMan said...

Oh Chaser, you don't have to worry about me! My power animal and I will be just fine, we're gonna make it. we are going to see the whole course (I hope twice!)

And Star, I got the mittens (ha, stole 'em from some poor little kitten, an easy mark I must say!) and I'm on my way right now to get the hand warmers. And you can go ahead and move here Star, you'll have all things Swiss to keep you warm!

Anonymous said...

Hey dick weed, it's Cold Hands, Warm Fart! What a tool.

AndyMan said...

Er, well I got to admit that makes more sense, Cold hands, warm fart, I mean as long as they are dry, they are always warm, and I guess the surrounding cold air would make it seem even warmer, and you could fart right on your hands.

thanks for the tip, but it's Mr. D W to you sport!

AndyMan said...

Oh, and SuperDave, I'm now out till Sunday night, so feel free to post bogus crap under my name until then!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I jest checked the national "whether I should run" service and they are calling for more than one foot of snow on Hope Pass.

So what? I did the marathon around the South Pole with no snowshoes. Bite it Nancy boys!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Chase: I can handle the hurricanes...its the effing snow that [frost]bites.

Andy: Do you want me to send you Dean's snowshoes?

Dean: will you be running shirtless if it snows?

superdave524 said...

Will do, AndyMan (course, you're gonna have to get me some way to get the news out. Noewahdimesayin?)