Sunday, January 4, 2009

33 and 1/3

My Waist? (sadly, while it's vacillated between 32 - 33 for about 10 years, I think it's now a true 34, but you know what Terry Forrester, John Kruk, Warren Sapp and the Mathews' brothers say, "The Waist is a terrible thing to Mind!")

The speed on which to play long playing vinyl albums? Er, well, yes but, that's not important here and now.

My Age? Yeah right!

Nope that's my mileage running in the last three days! Not bad for a guy who hadn't run more than 15 miles in a week in over 3 months! And I've hit 50 for the week!
I believe I may have to start keeping track of this again for the New Year. Hey, A2, you game? For a frosty beverage at the Cinebistro!

And the foot, it's solid!

...... 33.3 and still time to horse around!.........



Anonymous said...

Couple of quick comments for you A-Man.

1. Hey, I've heard of Tree-Huggers, but what the heck is a tree pusher?
2. Good to have you back in world of the running.
3. 49 Miles is my Average WARM-UP, Now drop and give me 20, you panty-waist!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

1. How did Karno you literally hugged a tree today?
2. I don't recall you wearing your shirt right-side-out.
3. I think you passed yer foot junk on to me.

AndyMan said...

Go job yourself you Greek tossed salad!

Star, I don't think Karno knew, and I'm not admitting to, I hugged a tree today, he's just commenting on me pushing the tree in the picture. Also, that picture is from yesterday when I wore my shirt right side out and inside in!

Also, thanks for pushing me on the 2nd 1/2 today when I would have been content to just jog it in. Also, don't blame me for the foot thing, I caught it from Roger. However, the Good Doctor has some awesome exercises for it, I guarentee you'll be fixed up in no time! E-Mail or call her!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you want a piece of me? You can't handle a piece of me! I'll tell you what, I'll only count my miles run on even days and I have no doubt I'll still open up a can WHOOP ASS on you. As for the frosty beverage, make it a case!


AndyMan said...

Whoa Mr. Barrett, whoa! I don't think it's fair for you to only count the even days, just because lately it's been a odd day when I ran, I think I'll even run on even days this year. I wouldn't have thrown out the challenge if I weren't feeling better, and remember, I'm training for Western States.

Now as far as the case goes, YOU ARE ON! I say we make it a KEG! I'll wait to hear back from you there (besides we could have a little party with that Keg regardless of who wins! We could cut off the contest at the end of August and have it be a post all night run Labor/AndyMan's Birth/Day party!)

superdave524 said...

I like trees as much as anybody. The down side? Splinters.

Star said...

*Oh Please!* on the second half. YOU were the one who claimed his legs were dead, then took off like a bat outta hell! *I* was the one huffing and puffing...