Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tail on the Scale

Hey, the news isn't all bad. Turns out if you go a week without eating chicken wings (yes I've been cheating a little) and without drinking much beer (ok, I've been cheating a lot!) then you can lose a few ounces.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle :)

Was: 195
AM: 193
Goal: 175
Mile run since last weigh in: 10
Chicken wings downed: 0
Beers: 1

Well, the good news is it's still possible without 100 miles of running per week. The Bad news is; it's still possible without 100 miles of running per week!
Aw man, you mean I can't just quit?


Dr. OB said...


If it makes you feel any better, your 193 makes my 221 look svelt. I have a free gym to work out at and I can't seem to get my overly-educated ass to work out. Although I bought an inversion table for my back and I'm loving it. Too bad it won't work on an achilles heel...Have a dip on me today, my brother.

AndyMan said...

I reference the 2007 edition of InTheSlam, I haven't had a dip in long long time (unless you count dipping those Beef O'Brady's wing into that good and gooey Blue Cheese, shoot the Skoal's probably better for me, sadly, I can't bum any of that from Al's Niece who currently inhabits RM 126 :)

Anonymous said...

Dips! I'll do some for you guys, how to you think my Tri's got so sculpted?

-Dean Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

He ain't heavy, he's ... wait, he's pretty heavy.

superdave524 said...

Hey, that's my line!

Star said...

Ever wonder why your shoes stick to the floors at BoB's?

Lynne said...

Dr. OB,

We miss you here on Rome Avenue. Hope you're lovin' it up there.

Stay in touch.

AndyMan said...

Star, I have wondered, why do my feet stick to the floor at Beef's? I thought because they didn't want to leave, ever! Sports, chicken wings, beer. All they need is scantitily (spelled the Beavis way) clad women and they'd have a forumula!

Dr. OB said...


I'm missing TC too. I especially miss breakfast at "La Teresita"...finding good Cuban bread in Huntsville, Alabama is like finding a...Nope, that was going to be an inappropriate comment and the "filter" caught it.
Thanks for making me feel missed.

Lynne said...

Dr, I think they are building a La Teresita up in like Wesley Chapel or somewhere. Imagine that after all of these years !

Maybe if you can get to work late one day you could meet us there :)

Dr. OB said...


Much to my chagrin, Wesley Chapel is a tad too long of a commute from H'ville. Although my mouth is watering thinking about the Cuban bread...mmmmmmm, hot butter on toasted Cuban bread....Great, I just salivated on my laptop.

AndyMan said...

Dr. O, don't mix fluids on your laptop.