Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From Roger's Diary

Chris Wedge has Described our pal Roger as a true Renaissance Man. I don't know about all that but here's an excerpt from his diary.

A Day in the life of Roger!

4:30 AM, woke up without the alarm.

4:30 - 4:45 personal maintenance

4:45: Watered the plants, notice new organic fertilizer is working well, will mix in more orange peel in next batch

4:50 - 5:50 Ran 13 Miles through the neighborhood. Noticed that stoplights are not properly timed. Will submit new program to the HOA as action item at next meeting. Will announce I am not a candidate to run for re-election, let someone else be president.

6:AM dressed and ready for work.

6:30 AM - 5 PM: Work diligently. Wild success.

5:20 PM- Golf league, bad day, only one-under. Miss a three footer for eagle and triple bogey #9. On the plus side, they have added my homemade wine to the menu at the club. People seem to like it. Also, sold my painting, "PGA vs Ping" to private collector.

8 PM: Bowling League. Ho-hum. uneventful. ten-pin didn't go right down on third ball in the tenth. Need to put the calipers on the ball, feels a little, I don't know, flawed.

9:30: Yoga with Jill.

10:15 PM Energy Replacement drink (Jill was right, it is better since I upped the carrot content!)

10:16 - 11:59 PM: Finishing touches on new novel.

Midnight: Update diary (shmidtz, I forgot revenge against my enemies, well there's always tomorrow!)


superdave524 said...

Now, that's funny stuff. I don't care who ya are.

The Professor said...

15 minutes for "personal maintenance"? well, at least i can beat roger in one thing

AndyMan said...

Now Professor, that's funny stuff!

Star said...

Where does mainentence on his 1985 road bike and hanging the 2008 National Champs flag fit in?

Star said...

PS: Who's that hot guy standing behind Roger and Jill?

AndyMan said...


That is a dude I know from, get this, Switzerland!

I can hook you up, but it'll cost you!

The Professor said...

hell, it already cost him

Roger said...

A 13 mile run? That's it? No speedwork, no weights, no cross training? Must have stolen a "Tuesday" out of the diary...Oh, also, stop calling Jill for intel on my golf and bowling secrets.

AndyMan said...

I know Roger, with a measly 13 miler, there would have been plenty of time for revenge against your enemies, speaking of which, we haven't heard from Greg or Karno lately, you didn't do anything did you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Roger did me in, then he woke up..... And Apologized!

-Dean Karnazes